Taco’s, Real Mexican Taco’s from Woodford

If I have not mentioned all ready how much I love Taco’s, but real taco’s like the ones in Mexico.  I guess the short story is about the time I went to Mexico, and ate Taco’s for 3 weeks pretty much everyday for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I did try a few other bits and pieces while I was there though too.  Taco’s are still my favorite food, I crave them at unexpected times like walking in the sun, while drinking a beer and breakfast.  The one thing that made me love them more was the fact I started eating coriander,  I thought i hated it.  Combining coriander, red onions, fried up meat and chili sauce on a corn tortilla and smothered in lime, just makes my mouth water.  mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

So lucky ol’ me, being cocky after a few drinks, went and ate at the mexican food stall at Woodford.  I cant remember the name of it anymore, and i forgot to take a photo of the venue.  Anyone who knows I would love to state them some where, as this Man in the photo made my day! Year!  So while eating my chicken burrito I come up with the idea of eating taco’s, how does one think of such a thing.  I couldn’t let it rest, I had to ask him if he could make taco’s for us, real ones from Mexico.  He said “YES, come back at 3 tomorrow”.  Happyiness came over me and I felt like a spoilt child who just won a fight. Ha. Real Taco’s at 3 tomorrow.

Roy, Lilly and myself went for real Mexican at 3 o’clock the following day.  This lovely man knew what we where after and made taco’s by promptly looking for coriander, and onions to chop.  Getting the ingredients all lined up and ready to go, heating tortilla’s, and meat sizzling on a pan.  Lucky for us he is from the Yucatan region of Mexico, so real Mexican.  Lilly, Roy’s sister lived in Mexico for a year and could actually speak some spanish  to him, as “mi español no es bueno”.  Even trying to speak Spanish is a lost cause for me now.

The end result in was two taco’s of each chicken and beef, topped off with red onion, coriander and lemon on a corn tortilla.  We added our own chili sauce to them, and squeezed lemon all over them.  Even now, I’m drooling over this creation.  Taco’s my favorite meal.

We ended up paying $15 for these.  Nothing like taco’s for 4 peso per taco.  But it was worth it, Mexico was relived at Woodford.  Thanks to the lovely man from the Mexican store.  I know that you can find him at the sunshine coast at the Eumundi Markets on Saturdays.  I have seen him there some time last year, and I think I asked him the same question.  Can you make me real Mexican Taco’s

If anyone has any recipe ideas for these I would love to give it a go.  I can never get the meat so delicious.

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  1. I’m so desperate to try REAL Mexican food – not sure if there is any in Brisbane although apparently Pepe’s in Milton is meant to be the best we have. Your post has made me so hungry and jealous!!! 🙂 yum!!

    • Hi Joy

      There are a few Mexican places around in Brisbane, I have tried the El Torrito in West End, reasonably priced too. I don’t mind it, there is a few things on there menu that remind me of Mexico, however not the standard taco. I will have to give Pepe’s a go sometime. There is another one that has opened in West End on Melbourne St, not sure of the name, but i think there menu is very over priced and have not gone in due to the price. But some day i will go and try it.

      Keep me informed if you find REAL Mexican in Brisbane