Tasmania #1 – Impressions & Scallop Pies

Ok, work has slowed down enough for me to do a bit of rambling.

We arrived in Hobart, grabbed our crappy ride (see below) and made a run for the country, away from town. After fish and chips of course, but we will return to that later (in 2 weeks in fact).

First things first, up to the top of Mt Wellington. Way to cold and windy for me, but a nice view i suppose.tasmania 007

Then we headed down to Huonville and after getting lost on some forestry back roads and almost running out of fuel, a good start yes, we found ourselves somewhere to camp out for the night.tasmania 015

The next day involved not swimming in hot springs because they were really luke warm springs. A bit of a cave tour and some tree walking. All very touristy and frankly a bit average, but the kind of things you do on holiday. Yes, it did get better as we got away from advertised amusements.

tasmania 059tasmania 088

As for the real focus of the blog we ate something for lunch that i never knew existed, but is apparently common fare in these parts: Scallop Pies.tasmania 074

Amazing. This one was from a little german bakery in Dover (i think). Good sauce, good pastry and best of all fantastic scallops. Nothing can really go wrong with this one.tasmania 079

Called The Gingerbread House

tasmania 082

Then up we head to New Norfolk. To eat a pig. With fresh apple along the way from a roadside stall, awesome.

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