Tassies greatest

We have been back for 2 weeks now, and still have only manged to get in front of the computer now.  It now seems forever ago in my mind,  an 18 day holiday should be one to remember!  There was no work involved, just driving a car around, a couple of walks and of course eating.  So we did end up finding some really yummy food.  As well as our cooking class we attended fed us for a week.  Even though now i think i have had a pork overdose.

The highlights of Tassie – no particular order

1.  Bay of Fires

2.  Cheese

3.  National parks and the work that has gone in to them

4.  Agrarian Kitchen

5.  Beer, cider, wine and whiskey brewed in tassie

Wicked campervan

So we did end up with a shitty looking van, at least there was no penis, instead a lovely lady with monstrous boobs, sitting on a guys head! Seriously who thinks that is worthy of going on the side of a van??  So thanks to Wicked Campers for making our trip memorable.  Every time we would pull up into a car park, or even overnight camping all the oldies would run a mile.  Tassie as we found out is oldie heaven, you go there with your bus/house on wheels and live off your pension.  I would like to metion i think we did meet a few people after me explaining  “It is a hire van – just the cheapest one.  We aren’t crazy!” really.

We visited a few national parks and many towns, and this is the best of the photos






Tulips.  I managed to convince Roy that there was a tulip festival on, and could we go. Little did we know that it was made for the oldies who visit tasmania in their home on wheels.  The youngest normal looking  people at the festival was us however, we did get to sample some good food.  Like Calamari, rabbit pie and of course cake baked by some of the local oldies.  We visited the tulip farm, near Wynard and got to walk through the field of tulips not fields.





Bay of Fires.  This place was great.  however in our large breasted camper van we did not manage to make it there with much time to get lots of photos as the sun sets.  Being the best time of day.  But i do have a lovely one of roy on the rocks.



Port Arthur

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  1. Roy on the Rocks.

    Sounds like a hard-hitting alcoholic beverage. A highly potent brand of bourbon maybe. eg:

    “Gimmeanuvva Roy on the Rocks” he slurred at the barmaid with a drunken wink. She replied by punching him in the left eye. “Did that hurt” his mate asked. “Noddasmuch as a Roy on the Rocks” he said.

    Yep, tangent time.