The Garden Share Collective : August 2014


Wow, it is already August. I am not sure where this year has gone but this is the biggest month in the garden for us. Here in South East Queensland its prime time to get your summer crops going ready for Christmas. I go on about planting around Ekka time but it is a sure way to get some great results and produce. Last month I decided on expanding the veggie patch. Good news is that it has been ploughed. Bad news is Roy is back for two weeks and in this very short window we need to get all the weeds pulled out, hill the soil, plant out the rows and get some irrigation set up. Yes all in two weeks. The area is huge and will double our production here on the farm. Fingers crossed that I also get some melons this year for Christmas, after failing for the past two years.

Not much rain again in July only 14.5mm, last year in August we had no rain so I am thinking it will be pretty much the same this year. The weather has been teasing us recently with mild nights and glorious days which have been unseasonably warm. It feels like spring is on it’s way. I wonder if summer is going to be a scorcher this year.


The start of the peas and purple king beans (above) and more of our tomatoes. Hoping that these are black krim that I saved seed for (below).

strayedtable-2448 strayedtable-2450

Finally the kale is coming back to life after being munched on by millions of aphids, finally lady beetles have returned but the aphids moved on to my broccoli :-(.

Also we had another visitor in the garden this month and it ate my strawberries back. I am thinking it may be one of the local wallabies we have lurking around. They haven’t been back so fingers crossed that they come back to life in leaps and bounds and we get some strawberries.

strayedtable-2452 strayedtable-2455

This patch of silver beet is still going, I planted it out in February. With the little rain we had it seems that the plants have been rejuvenated as I was threatening to pull them. Below is on of our first potato tomatoes, I am looking forward to seeing how the flavour is as well as the plants surviving a good Queensland summer.

strayedtable-2459 GSCaugust.brassicas

Above: Our cabbages and broccoli are now being harvested after being planted out in June, you can now see the progress they have made. Also behind the brassica’s is two rows of potato tomatoes and then the snowpeas. The snowpeas took a battering a week ago and have fallen down, I have tied them up the best I could but hope they start to shoot up again.

Planting: This is the major planting/sowing I do each year ready for summer. Seeds go direct into the ground  – pumpkins, watermelon, rockmelon, beans, beetroot and carrots. Seedlings to go in – kale, onions, silverbeet, zucchini, cucumbers, more tomatoes, lettuce, asian greens, luffa, rosella’s and what ever else comes up from our last seed trays.

Harvesting: We have been really lucky this past month with our crops we are currently feeding five families each week. Our winter pickings – tomatoes, cabbages, kale, beetroot, snowpeas, silverbeet, asian greens, tatsoi, zucchini, small broccoli florets, the last of the eggplant, sweet peppers, capsicums, chillies and rhubarb

TO DO: this month before September

– TLC to the herb garden and replant

– Sow more seedlings and plant existing seedlings

– Plant out pumpkins & melons (Ekka Week)

– Finish the new ploughed area (weed, hill, plant, mulch, irrigate) 


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  1. That cabbage patch looks wonderful. And huge. Aphids have been really bad in my garden this year too. Well really it is the ants that are farming the aphids that are bad. I keep watching my broccoli to make sure there aren’t any there. So far so good.

  2. You have so many wonderful things happening in your garden, I’m so jealous of you having tomatoes growing! Like you said though, there’s still a lot of work to do. Good luck.

  3. I am in awe of your gorgeous cabbages! They’re HUGE!!

  4. Hey Lizzie … wow you have so much happening in your garden. Love the pics. Black Krim is one of my favourites. Good to see that the kale has returned, not so good about the wallaby, sounds like it has a ‘sweet tooth’ 🙂 happy gardening

  5. I so sympathise over the aphids. Lifted the netting on the brassicas at school to find thousands of them munching away. Will need to apply a soap water spray I think.

    Your potato tomatoes look amazing 🙂

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  7. Its looking great Lizzie! I have to wait to start my summer seedlings because we still have a chance of frost. Can’t wait to start gardening at Kumbia above the frost line, so many possibilities!

  8. i am going to show my little kale seedlings a picture of your magnificant curly plants so they know what to aspire to. delicious! you have so many good things growing so wonderfully, even with wallaby attacks. your harvest list is enviable.

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  10. I am envious of the growth of your cabbages Liz! Mine have barely grown at all in the same amount of time! Not surprising I guess given the climate difference. Good luck with your new garden area. I hope it all goes to plan and you manage to squeeze in what needs to be done in the next couple of weeks. See you next month.

  11. Wow Lizzie your garden looks amazing as always! I guess I need to get planting too. I love the progress shots and feeding 5 families? That’s fantastic!

  12. Your remarks about rain (or lack of it) emphasise how important water is to the gardener. I have been doing a fair bit of watering recently, and it seems like a huge chore, but without it my plants would not survive, because many of them are in pots and raised beds. I love those big “ugly” tomatoes, BTW. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, they say!

  13. thevillagehomestead

    Hi Liz! Do you know of any gardening blogs that are from the colder climates of Australia? I get very envious of your garden, as I am dealing with a very different climate to yours, and my planting schedule is very different! (I am still learning though) If you could point me in someone’s direction, that would be great!

    • A Fresh Legacy is based in Victoria, Dig In Hobart is based in Tassie, A Kailyard in Adelaide is from SA, if that helps.

      • and bec’s backyard suffers from chilly weather too; she’s in melbourne.
        if we had a canberra gardener though, they’d take the prize. we think tassie is cold, but canberra’s temps lately have been well below zero!

  14. Love the cabbages and kale! Everything is looking gorgeous.

  15. What a great garden you have! We don’t have enough room to grow cabbages, so never do — I envy you your space. Fun post — thanks.

  16. I still look in wonder at the stuff you can grow in Winter up there! Amazing!

  17. You are always so busy in your garden Lizzie. I hope you too have had some rain now but look at your huge tomatoes and gorgeous kale. Great planting and planning, as always 😀