Trip to Burringbar

A weekend away is always rewarding.  One of my favorites is going down to Burringbar to visit Roy’s parents, they live in a forest in a house made by hand on a community block.  It’s a surreal place, with a windy road going up a valley past houses that are hanging on to the side of the mountain next to the road, with a mixed orchid of fruit trees, and community garden at the bottom.  Going up to Roy’s parents is the last house on the mountain and they control all the water from the natural spring.  Which then goes down the hill to the rest of the homes.

Taking a shower in a bathroom with spring water and looking into the forest is a magical experience and every time I go I cherish the peace and quiet.  My skin always loves me more too.  I don’t know if it is the way it makes you relax or not.  But you always give in.

The weekend we went down to visit we were in discovery mode.  Roy showing me around more, some of the quirky towns and events that happen in the Tweed valley and Byron bay region.  Our first stop on the Saturday was the Brunswick Heads garage sale.  This statement should not be taken lightly.  The garage sale is for everyone in town to sell their junk.  Yep, neighbours, streets, shops, parks and church yards were full of things to buy.  For those keen bargain shoppers, go early and get around the best you can.  Clothes are at every stop along the way, so if you are in need of a new wardrobe cheap, go and check them out.  Heaps of bargains for $1,2 .

In the church yard we found a few people playing marbles,  a few circles were dug out of the earth and young and old gathered around.  The second-hand fair in the town hall, was a collectors haven, so many goodies

Below is some glass wear.  I bought some bone china plates from this lady.  I was very excited as one of them was a Shelly plate.  Only $5.  Bargain.

Along the long and exhausting hunt for some plates and tablecloths we stopped into the Brunswick hotel for a pub lunch.  We opted to share a meal once we discovered the size of the portions.  Huge!  this is the calamari and chips which is $16 a serve, not to bad, but really excessive for one person. But the beer garden was great especially in a warm sunny spot.

Saturday night saw us going into Byron Bay, which i have not done for years.  We went to the Piggery it’s called, also where they do gigs and stuff, now it is a brewery.  We had a beer and then a cheap  pizza and went back to the house to start watching the world cup.

On the Sunday, Harry, Roy’s dad took us out to one of the projects he is working on.  He is a landscaper with a strong love for sub tropical style gardens, with no fuss.  With an interest in exotic plants, we got to stroll around this property that he worked on 10 years ago and has just been contracted back to do.  We have a look at what is getting grown

Chickens.  I love chickens, the best pets ever, These guys were huge freely running around the garden along with the pumpkins.  Not sure what kind they are, I have forgotten it was awhile ago.  Also above I think is a bean?  don’t quote me on it as I have also forgotten what it is.

Tamarillo’s on the tree above, and guava’s below

Handful of tamarillo’s which i ended up making relish out of.  I will be selling them in the Shop too

The Channon Markets, somewhere in the hinterland  behind Byron, from my understanding on the way to Nimbin, but behind Mullumbimby south of Murwillumbah.  However there is a line up going into the parking lot.  So it draws people in, as it is on once a month.

Roy lining up for some delicious bbq garlic prawns.

So many little kids playing instruments for our entertainment while we were eating our prawns.  Just to cute.

Garlic Prawns on a stick.  they also did a corn on a cob.  Which looked nice.

Can anyone guess what the guy below is selling?????

Umbrellas Yes.

Roy’s mum, Marg started this stall above with another asian lady on the community and made tempura.  The best thing we ate at the markets.  The new owners of the business are doing it justice, and Roy reckons they still taste the same.  Got to love that.  He had not been to the markets for many many years.

Dumpling, disappointment from a couple who were just to rude to talk, however I insisted on still pursuing these as i love them, but they were still cold in the middle.  not good.  And had no flavour, I could have asked a 5 year old to make them and would have turned out the same.  This alone was $5.  one dumpling.  So maybe there was no love in making these, so if you need to wait  10 min to be served (even if you are at the front of the que) get ignored, keep walking it is not worth it!

Last of all on the stop at the markets was a hot dog, these two who run the van were not in a rush and very grumpy!  sad really, however they had great sausages that were really tasty.  The meat was real, not full of fat or and filler.  Real 100% meat.  at only $6 for a sausage well worth the wait.

Another fabulous weekend in Burringbar, with us having a long weekend, and enjoy the lifestyle at a slow pace and for me to learn how to chill out.  Always come back to Brisbane and think What the Hell.  We have a plan and we have only 8 more glorious months left of sunny Brisbane.  Thank goodness as I have been living here far far to long.  It is cosy and it is a great big country town.  But the country is slowly leaving and so must I.

To France here we come

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  1. Hey Liz, the freakish green things are called Wing Beans – quite delish Thai vegie…