Tuckeria Fortitude Valley

Tuckeria in Fortitude Valley is a place we have talked about going for sooooooo long.  We finally made it there.  With a group of our friends it was a cheap eat out.  We even took a Mexican!  As well as having 3 people who lived in Mexico for a year too.  So it was going to be a tough crowd to please.  But we knew that they had soft corn tortillas, so this was already looking good.   Mexican food is something I have never really looked for in Brisbane.  The taste of Mexico is still on my palette from being there a year ago.  Which makes going out to eat Mexican a hard experience.  I think these guys are the closest thing to Mexico for me.  But  there is still enough Australian stuff there for the punters to like it.

The system here was a line that you ordered at the counter.  You pick off the menu, which is simple and not confusing.  Except as we waited I realised that I wanted to eat everything in the window.

Joey and Lily eating their dinner.  These two lovely girls spent a year in Mexico with their friend Emma studying.  Joey is now married to Jefte a beautiful Mexican Man.  Below is the menu

Sass’s Nacho’s.  They used corn tortillas to make the chips.  YUM so crunchy.

Below my dinner.  Yes taco’s.  I do love taco’s.  I love saying the word taco too.  I got a chicken, beef and pork one.  The pork was the best, it tasted most like Mexico to me.  Roy got the same.  TACO.  But the fact that I could get extra lime and coriander on my meal made me very happy.    I had to laugh at some other people for getting cheese and none of the good stuff on their taco’s.  They were obviously not eating at our table.

Overall the taco’s were a winner.   A few people got a burrito, the meat ones of course were good.  Nacho’s yes good. Vegetarian options here are not to exciting.  The beans did look good though.  Every one left happy and full.  Even Jefte went back for a second round of taco’s.  I think that meant he liked it.  So the closest thing to Mexico in Brisbane is Tuckeria. The taco’s with meat, coriander, onions, tomato salsa and chili sauce and topped off with loads of lime.  Is what everyone needs to have.  Enjoy

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