Wading Through Water To Eat Duck In Chengdu, China

We were lucky enough to witness some major rain in Chengdu.  It flash flooded the city, which seemed to surprise not only us but the locals.  After our hostel blacked out and the rain had stopped, it was time to leave for a dinner mission.  Once we had left the building we were in search of Peking duck restaurant.

The streets were manic with traffic jams, scooter jams, people jams, everyone wanted to take a look all at once.  Wading through the water to walk about a kilometer up the road for dinner became a huge adventure, with us stopping to take photos and look at what happens when the rain hits hard on this city in just a few hours.  Shop owners were protecting their stores from the rising water, while others trying to get home after a day of work.

The atmosphere was exciting, everyone was inquisitive to what was happening, smiles on peoples faces, maybe not the ones who’s cars were filled with water.

I love China!

Marg had missed out on the opportunity to eat Peking duck in Beijing.  However we were lucky enough to get an address of a place down the road from Sim’s Cozy Hostel.  If you are staying there yourself walk out the front gates and turn left, head towards the big shopping centre.  Just before you get there and the road starts raising and seems hard to cross, cross before it, and that should be the place, it has a big red sign in chinese.  I will find a picture and add it in soon.

My love of duck has grown a lot, especially with these delicious pancakes.  Once again we were treated with different cuts of duck, it even got sliced next to our table.  It came with the usual suspects cucumber, hoi sin sauce and shallots which then you can wrap up in your fresh pancake.  If you missed out on eating duck elsewhere in China and are in Chengdu, I highly recommend this place for a feed.  You cant seem to go wrong.

The way home was much the same outside after our feast.  Cars taking on the flood waters.

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