What, Wat & Wat, Bangkok, Thailand

In Bangkok we joined the tourist trail, getting on a river boat to Ko Ratankosin, which houses the major sites. When you arrive in Thailand a few things that will help you understand these sites is a couple of definitions.

Wat: a monastery temple or school found in Thailand, Cambodia and Laos

Chedi: usually a bell-shaped building, often containing relics of Buddha also known as a stupa

Above is the Temple of Emerald Buddha. Below is the largest reclined Buddha, 46 meters long which is housed in Wat Pho.

ABOVE: Weird looking anatomy drawings

BELOW: A warrior called Roy once stood guard of a grand palace.

Coloured tiles, decorate roofs, walls, chedi’s, temples, guttering. Tiles are also arranged in ornamental flowers – above.

Above & Below: the grand palace

So much gold

Who’s a dragon?

ABOVE: Roy soaking up the backpacker area – Banglamphu

ABOVE & BELOW: sights from our boat ride up the river. Its amazing that people live right on the river, building further out. Not looking that stable, yet people are still living in them.

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