Winter Light at Bunya Red Farm


Its been a month since last time I visited my folks. Since then the weather has dished out some pretty nasty frosts and killed all the grass off along with any crops. The colour has changed and I love it and teamed up with an afternoon pink sky its just stunning. Before I left we did a big walk around the paddock with Isla in the wheelbarrow.  It was a nice break for me after I had finished my curtain making. I still have one section left to do on one of my curtains as I ran out of hanging tape stuff. However I have hung one half of my curtain in the shed to see how it looks and see if I did an alright job. So far It looks pretty darn good. Lucky Its hanging as its going to be cool tonight too.

strayedtable-2403 strayedtable-2412


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  1. Magic photos Lizzie 🙂