Woodford 2013/14, a few snaps


Look at our Woodford get-up! I don’t think we live in the city or are we tied-died hippies. Roy and I attend Woodford each year without fail, I think Roy has only ever missed one year since it all began back in Maleny. This year was a little more than a challenge for me being six months pregnant and the weather not playing nice. Mind you I lasted the full week, did my speech and stayed up till midnight on New Years which I think is a pretty good effort. This year with the heat and me being extra sensitive to it, I really didn’t take many photos, but I did eat loads of ice-cream and drank chocolate milk instead.

The key to being pregnant at any festival I think is know where the toilets are and if you need to go – go. Find shade to sit under preferably with a little bit of a breeze to stay cool or sit in a comfy chair and listen to plenty of music in a venue. Our little one loves the sound of bagpipes – of all things! I’m not sure because the sound is so unique or just really loud it would go wild with movement when we watched a few of the bands from Scotland.

Our campsite was very shady again this year, which I am really grateful, most of us were able to sleep in until about 8.30 before the sun hit our tents. That’s not too bad for Woodford, especially if you have had a late night and need to catch up on the zzzzzzzz’s. However I think most nights I was the first to bed, I trained myself up to stay up later and later each day with a few exceptions of heat exhaustion. Sleeping in was a real treat because when I am at home I feel obliged to get up straight away and go tend to my chickens, make sure they have water and food and then let them out for the day to free range.

As always I love going to Woodford for the music, catching up with old friends from distant places and of course the fire event. I just like people burning stuff really. This year the festival had some great muso’s from Scotland over and the stand out was Rachel Sermanni, you can get lost in her voice.

Did you go to Woodford? What was your favourite part?


Roy observing Molly make 2 min noodles


Harry fixing up the main tarp  after the storm


2 min noodle magic


Tibetan Monks


The Folklorica Stage – the most colourful


Bar next to Concert Stage. This year the bars were all done up real fancy and arty, it was great to see. Mind you they changed beer companies and now use Coopers -which is good for some.


Street performers – watch out for the pirate ship





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  1. Awww look at your and your tiny belly! You did awesome to stay up until midnight on NYE too 🙂

  2. I’ve never been to Woodford but I really wanted to go this year. I heard so many interviews on the ABC and it all sounded so quirky and fun. Maybe next year!

    You look great, Lizzie!

  3. What amazing photos! I’m so not a camping girl but this looks like such fun.

  4. Looks like you had a blast! I’d love to go one year!

  5. Hi Lizzie
    You did well over a whole week. Each year I Talk about going and each year I don’t. I love your photos. Perhaps it’s encouragement for me to go next year

  6. Fantastic pics Lizzie!

  7. Fantastic photos Lizzie!

  8. Hi Lizzie … just love your photography. Must have been a special day!