3 Days in Taipei

Well i definitely sore from all the walking. It feels like a three day music festival down in my legs.

Day #1: Didn’t actually do much today. Just walked around in ever increasing circles until i couldn’t walk no more. Oh yeah, and i did my washing. Tried to find a cheap tour, which didn’t really work.

While my washing was going on i found something similar to what i ate in Sydney recently. Fried sesame balls. This one had a purple paste inside rather than yellow and it was much larger. It also had some gelatinous quality just under the skin. Pretty good breakfast though.
For lunch i found something i have read about in another blog (can you guess which on?). Ah Chung Noodles. This is a slop of thin rice noodles, thick soup and pig intestines as far as i can tell. It was good until the fresh coriander ran out. Then they were pretty boring. Popular with the locals though.
They i went to a museum, where i was followed around by a large pack of school kids. Then went and watched people feeding squirrels(?) in the park.

Then i tried to find somewhere to have a beer. Bars don’t seem to really exist here as such. As it started raining i found an American sports bar. But at $120 a beer (that’s about $4 Australian) i didn’t hang around to long.

For dinner i found a place called Sugarcane. Which did ShabuShabu. That’s where you get a pot of lightly flavoured broth on a burner, to which you add you ingredients. Then you eat.
I got pork with the sugarcane broth. The guy running the place made me a great dipping sauce out of egg yoke and all sorts of other stuff.At first i was not to excited by it all. But after a bit, and the addition of extra chili, the broth became really tasty. In the end it got a bit weird because i didn’t fish my pumpkin out fast enough and it kind of dissolved.

The couple next to me were taking photos of their food as well. The Taiwanese love their food. I got a snap of theirs as well.

Day 2: Ill keep this one a bit more simple. Today i went and rode the Moakong Gondola, a big cable car. I got up to the top. But on the way down it started raining. So they took us all off, i only needed to go 1 more stop, and bused us down to the bottom.
At the top of the Gondola ride i was pretty hungry, so i brought some mysterious soup (no english, just pictures). It turned out to be a chinese broth with chunks of bone with scraps of meat on. I enjoyed this one. Apparently they have famous tea up there. But i didn’t find out until i chatted to an american asia guy on the bus.
Up the top i also got some rolled pancake things. I ate these later.That night i went searching for Din Tai Fung to get some soup dumpling. But my superior navigation skills (gonna get me a compass i think) meant that they finished serving about 10 minutes before i got there. So i just grabbed a couple of liters of water on the way home and passed out.

Day #3: Today i went out to the National Palace Museum. Has some interesting carvings and paintings to say the least.
But onto the interesting stuff. For breakfast, after washing my clothes again (its pretty sweaty over here), i got a pancake wrap thing from a bakery. It was amazing. It had ham, lettuce, mayo, sushi style egg, cucumber and flossed pork. Think i may need another one before i leave.On the way to the museum i got some berry’s. They remind me of the berry’s we used to eat as kids in the bush. But bitter, very sweet and sour. Yum
Back at the hostel i got talking to a guy from Hong Kong who was visiting a friend over here and delivering many comfort items, magazines and food, too him. He gave me some red tea cookies that tasted just like mull cookies. No stonedness though.

I also ate some spicy fried chicken.
And some dumplings

/>Well tomorrow I’m off on the high speed train to the far end of the island for some beach and relaxation for a couple of days before i head back up the coast.

I’m off to the big night markets tonight. So i will add a bit more next time i get to a computer.
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Growing veggies, keeping the solar going and listening to music; one might think Roy never leaves his home with his green thumb yet he is an adventurous foodie who loves trying the weird and wonderful cuisines of any culture. An electrical engineer by trade his nerdiness also crosses over into his love for folk music and playing warhammer.

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  1. hey! thanks for visiting my blog! those look like lychees.. are they white inside with a big seed inside? hope to hear what else you ended up eating..

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