Yak Meadow, China

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There must be a large number of yak meadows in China, but the one we were going to visit was a little bit fancier (though probably named the same).

Yes there were yaks, yes there was a meadow, but there was also a chairlift and there was of course the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. Well there was supposed to be a Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, but there were also clouds and then more clouds in the way.

There are a number of different views and areas of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain you can visit from Lijiang. When we got to the tourist center we spotted about 250 buses in the parking lot, oh no, this isn’t going to be fun. But all the thousands of tourists were going on one chairlift route only, being the main one up the mountain. But we prefer a little serenity and no 2 hour wait in line, thus decided to go to one of the further out, less visited viewing areas.

After about 30 minutes in a bus we were dropped at the chairlift. The driver was also going to wait for us, but wanted us back in 2 hours. Mmm, very strange, time limits are not my favourite thing when I am bonding with nature.

Once up the chairlift we arrived with quite a few other Chinese tourists, but as we walked out onto the meadow for a stroll it became apparent they were not going to leave the initial viewing platform, nice.

There were indeed yaks on yak meadow, that’s a relief. There was also a nice monastery and some shrines.

A shrine with a chicken!

[nggallery id=10]

Unfortunatly for us the main event failed to occur; no sign of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, only cloud. But we did sit and stare at that cloud as if we could shift it with our thoughs alone. We sat for a good 40 minutes, but nothing. If there was no time limit I think we would have sat there for hours and hours, oh well.

If you want a bit of peace when you get up close and personal with this mountain I recommend the Yak Medow, but make sure you tell your driver that you will jump on a bus with some later group, then you can bond with nature all day long.



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