Strayed from the Table is about experiencing life. Keeping it simple by living off-grid, growing your own, seasonal cooking and exploring the road less traveled. Join us on our journey as we backpack around the world while raising our kids in the bush.

Our Story

Roy (my hubby) started this blog when he first went traveling back in 2008, it wasn’t long before I (Lizzie) jumped in and started to contribute travel tales, food pictures and then recipes.  Roy grew up in the Northern Rivers (in the house next door to where we live now) in the forest while I grew up in the country in southeast Queensland our upbringings were very different. I ate loads of meat and three veg sourced from the paddock while Roy ate lentils and bananas from his property. Our appreciation of the land, keeping it simple and living a wholesome life has always bonded us and the one thing our lifestyle allows us to do is travel to exotic places.

For the past two years, we have been living off-grid in the rainforest with our two kids providing a home with stand-alone solar, gravity-fed spring water, a long windy road that needs maintenance, no phone-reception, a veggie garden, a few bush tracks and a home phone. We have gas for our stove and back-up hot water supply (trust me, we need it come winter after three days of clouds). 

But we love this lifestyle, we are tucked away in nature but still close enough to a shop, the city, a beach and most importantly the airport. We are passionate about giving our kids a similar upbringing, one that is uncomplicated and where the world is their classroom.

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