Strayed from the Table is about experiencing life, keeping it simple and exploring the road less traveled to enjoy food, culture and nature. Join us on our journey as we backpack around the world while raising our kids.

Roy (my hubby) started this blog when he first went traveling back in 2008, it wasn’t long before I (Lizzie) jumped in and started to contribute travel tales, food pictures and the odd recipe. Since then we have travelled through South America, Asia, Australia and now the United Kingdom. 

We have just moved our family from our off-grid rainforest home in Australia to Fort William in Scotland during the global pandemic (Aug 2021). Roy landed a new job at a Hydro Power Station – He’s an electrical engineer with a love of authentic Asian cuisines. While I continue to write online, finish my book and wrangle our two kids who are both now in school!

Our love for travel is what glues our family together, having the opportunity to get outdoors and away from the table to eat, explore and discover the world fills our hearts while inspiring our kids to think about the planet in a different light. The world is our classroom.

What you’re going to find here on our blog is our uncomplicated way of living life. We embrace slow living, sustainability,  authenticity in the way we present ourselves, our priority is to live our best life and to share our discoveries to inspire others to travel without the fuss. 

Our Motto: We don’t need more things in our lives – instead we should be collecting memories and experiences.

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