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My name is Lizzie and Strayed from the Table is about the real stuff in life. Keeping food honest by creating seasonal recipes, making from scratch, growing our own, sourcing local and choosing ethically farmed meats. Join me on my journey of eating, cooking, exploring, organizing and providing a natural home for my family.

My Story

I am a country girl and I grew up surrounded by farming pioneers who taught me the basics of practical living and self-sufficiency. My grandmother taught me to cook traditional cakes and how to preserve. Real food has always been a part of my life; eggs came from the chooks in the backyard, milk from the dairy cow, meat from pigs, chickens and cow. Grains were grown to feed the animals and ourselves along with a veggie garden to produce amazing harvests.

Our family has just relocated to the Byron Bay Hinterland and we are trying out town life after living on our farm for three years. The goal for us now is to simplify. Keep our veggie garden small and grow what we need, meet new producers in our area and have more family time. This means more time to explore, cook and eat surrounded by friends and family.

Eating well is something I am passionate about. I love having freshly picked produce to add to meals. All my recipes are seasonal and are quick and easy to prepare, making more time to spend with my family. I have recently created a 30 MIN MEAL Cookbook with plenty of our staples to help you organize your meals throughout the week.

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Nuts & Bolts

Want to know more about me and how the blog started, click HERE & HERE.

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Over the past few years, our humble space has grown some attention. The good kind of course. Featured as one of the top ten food bloggers of Australia on She Knows Australia back in 2012. This year we are in the top 30 bloggers for food & wellbeing on Kidspot, apart of the Voices of Australia.  Plus the past two years I have spoken at several events like Woodford Folk Festival, Queensland Garden Expo & the Real Food Festival. If you would like to see where else my face has been check out my press page.

Work With Me

Would love to see your brand or product on Strayed from the Table? I have worked with many brands, including ABC’s Organic Gardener, Philadelphia, Marina Bay Sands, Tasting Australia, Albert & Constance, Good Food and Wine Show, Wine Selectors and UQ Publishing, to share their brand message to their target audience. Find out more.

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  1. Woo.
    Loving the stories. Have one of my own coming soon that I’m hoping you like. Jo and I loved Japan and it sounds like you’re doing it right.

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