Across the Bridge Noodles, China

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From north to south we jetted down the country, Beijing to Kunming.

This means it is time to start the second part of our China journey; the south. Our plan was to head from Kunming up towards the Tibet border, before turning and making our way into Szechuan. If you would like to see the route have a look at the “Our Trip” tab above and zoom in on Southern China. We would not be entering Tibet, but would be getting close enough for a little extra police scrutiny.

Kunming itself is a slightly messy city. Whether this is due to the red local dirt that stains all the streets, the rows collapsing buildings or something else entirely I am not too sure.

We had a day to explore and ended up at a very nice temple for a look around.

Whilst we were there a group came in to wash their turtles. A little strange, but if you need to wash your turtle the temple is probably a pretty good place.

Then it was food time. Time if fact for something I had been looking forward to for a while; across the bridge noodles. The name coming from the inventor; a lady who used to take lunch to her husband across a bridge.

Across the Bridge Noodles consists of a whole range of ingredient supplied raw to the table. Then a large bowl of piping hot soup is delivered, into which you quickly place the ingredients to be cooked.

The tricky part of bridge noodles is the ordering. You need to order at the front door and take your ticket to a little window inside. The problem being that with no english, picture or even food in the vicinity of the front door you don’t have much to work with without knowing the language. Anyway, we picked something in the middle of the menu, made sure it was soup through mime and crossed our fingers.

I was supplied with chicken, tofu, mint, spring onion, egg, squid, fish cake, mushrooms and chili. The others got something a little different above. Oh by the way, we have just met up with my parents, so there will be four at the table for a little while.

As well as lots of noodles and a large, very chipped, bowl of chicken soup.

When all together the dish looks a little like this.

So how was it?

Fantastic. This all came down to the broth itself which was for lack of a better word, perfect. The chicken thrown in was also a highlight, damn chicken can taste good outside of Australia.



Growing veggies, keeping the solar going and listening to music; one might think Roy never leaves his home with his green thumb yet he is an adventurous foodie who loves trying the weird and wonderful cuisines of any culture. An electrical engineer by trade his nerdiness also crosses over into his love for folk music and playing warhammer.

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