April Planting Guide

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With Autumn well and truly set in I think it is safe to say it is time to start thinking about winter crops. Garlic is best planted at this time of year all over Australia. We have been going through last years harvest and selecting what we are keeping for the kitchen and what is going to go back to the garden. This year we are growing Russian (Elephant) Garlic and also a small pink Italian Garlic.

Snowpeas are another great thing to plant at this time of year, they are fast growing and most of us should get a good crop off them before frosts start to creep up on us.

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Click the link above to download this  months planting guide. Designed by Lizzie and made for Australian veggie gardeners.






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  1. I always enjoy how our season differ. We’re just putting in our spring garden now. But we’ll include snow peas — perfect both in spring and fall!