Bit of an Overview


Just a quick informal meeting to let you know what the hell is going on:

Currently i am an engineer living and working in Brisbane Australia. But not for long, as i have handed in my resignation and have a plane ticket to start me on a journey to take me on the world.

This blog is going to be more or less based on the edible adventures i have along the way.

To start with though i am going to post a series of blogs based on the food i generally eat in Brisbane. This is to form the baseline for the new and fantasic things that i will put in my mouth, only food like fantasic, sorry.

I am not planning of letting anybody know of this page until i have at least a dozen or so posts so nobody can burn me to the ground for being a slack blogger. Isnt that what having a food blog is about?

Itinery so far:
San Francisco
Mexico (Monterey first then everywhere else)

That should take me close to 6 months.



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