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The fabulous folks at Bookworld are kindly offering two lucky readers of Strayed from the Table the chance to win a copy of either 1-Minute Gardener: The 70 Skills You Need for Growing Food in Small Spaces OR a copy of Taming the Feast: Ben Ford’s Field Guide to Adventurous Cooking. Both of these books look fantastic and would make great pressies for Christmas or something special for yourself.

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Bookworld GIVEAWAY

One lucky winner will receive a copy of 1-Minute Gardener: The 70 Skills You Need for Growing Food in Small Spaces by Mat Pember and Fabian Capomolla (valued at $30.99). These two cool dudes are the brains behind The Little Veggie Patch Co. The book features 70 illustrated step by step guides to edible gardening essentials. Great way to kick start your veggie patch.

The other winner will receive a copy of Taming the Feast: Ben Ford’s Field Guide to Adventurous Cooking (valued at $35.09). Get your hands dirty and cook a whole pig or make paella for eighty. This is Ben’s complete guide to outdoor grilling, smoking, and roasting, sharing his secrets for nine jaw-dropping feasts for the adventurous home cook and DIY enthusiast. There are easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions, drawings, and timelines for constructing a baking barrel, cinder-block oven, smoking shed, and roasting box in your own backyard.

To Win


– YOU MUST leave a comment below telling me why you need that book. Start with either “GARDEN” to win the 1-Minute Gardener: The 70 Skills You Need for Growing Food in Small Spaces OR “FEAST” to win Taming the Feast: Ben Ford’s Field Guide to Adventurous Cooking.

– Giveaway runs from 15th November, 2014 until 5pm 20th November, 2014. The lucky winners will be picked on their creative merit and announced on the 21st November, 2014.

Good Luck.

This post is supported by Bookworld. Check out other great cook books here.


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Lizzie Moult

Lizzie Moult

Planning, cooking, chasing kids & running an online business; it might seem like there is a lot going on. Yet Lizzie is all about living simply and creating a flexible lifestyle that enables plenty of travel, adventure and quality time. A lifestyle writer and photographer for over 10 years for numerous publications, working online for over 14 years Lizzie also works as a mentor for women who are looking to create and live a life with passion & purpose at

32 Responses

  1. GARDEN My veggie garden is not exactly small but it’s usually in a sorry state. During winter I can at least blame the snails! Sometimes I feel quite overwhelmed by the task of making it working so the idea of 70 skills that I could put into practice one at a time really appeals.

  2. Garden book is needed because I have a small garden. I rely on a lot of growing in pots & trying to find new ways of making use of the limited space. The vertical garden is my next project so I can create a beautiful wall of plants.

  3. Feast book is needed because I want to find new ways of cooking outdoors in my garden. I dream of cooking a moist roast suckling pig on a spit & would love to be able to expand my cooking skills beyond the traditional BBQ but I need advice from an expert.

  4. Garden, because I am constantly moving. I’ve lived in places from big yards to tiny apartments but they are always a rental so we have to be careful with what we can do. We always do herbs but I would like to know more about having a garden that is more than just herbs that we can grow in small places. I love the idea of going into the garden, picking some stuff out and taking it to the kitchen to then make my dinner.

  5. GARDEN… I’d love to grow my own food. I have to yard and can get some plants. Now I just need some skills and this book!

  6. Garden needs all of the help it can get! I’m time poor so any time saving tips will be very valuable. I want to expand my garden so I can always eat from the garden. I like small plots around the yard and I need tips to trick my girls away from eating the produce. You see, I’d rather take the girls’ chook poo for the garden!

  7. GARDEN – out new house is currently dirt, grass and a whole heap of building supplies. Soon it’ll need to become small garden beds, and container herbs. We need to use the small space that we have wisely.

  8. Garden – despite being a farmers daughter and growing up in a household where all our veggies came fresh from the garden, I have only just got round to planting a veggie patch in the back garden. Completely winging it as we really don’t know what we’re doing. But we are loving it and it gets me outside every day tending my babies! Any and all help greatly received and probably needed!!

  9. GARDEN. I love my garden but my mum didn’t give me a green thumb…..everyone in my house is brilliant….I need to find mine….it is still Pink

  10. FEAST – my hubby has just designed an outdoor kitchen for our new house because he knows how important it is for me to cook outdoors (BBQing and in our fire pit) so this would be a great book for me! Plus we spend all summer camping so I think that book would be handy for that kind of cooking too!

  11. GARDEN – I want to grow too many and too much!
    My herbs and vegies have to snuggle up closely, so small space tips would be perfect for them!

  12. “GARDEN” My garden is so small I need the expertise of Mat Pember and Fabian Capomolla…would go a long way to keeping the family healthy

  13. Garden, mine is a magical creature.
    It grows slow at first and then it goes into over drive and surprises me with amazing gifts.
    Egglants, strawberries, cucumbers, dill, mint, sage, and currently lemons as well as mulberries.
    I adore gardening, it gives me great relaxation.

  14. GARDEN I’ve managed to kill even the toughest of plants and strongest of herbs! Help me to grow the basics so I can provide a nutritional meal for my kids that I’ve hand grown myself! I want to see them proud of me!!!

  15. GARDEN skills have deserted me,
    last summer I was lucky to harvest one pea!
    My small yard is causing me grief,
    I get some growth but no veggies of which to speak!

  16. GARDENs come and gardens grow
    Too little time for me to sow
    A babe in the pram, rocking with one arm
    I’d love some more hints so this book would work a charm.

    gaah.. so cheezeballish!!

    yep.. I’d love the Garden one!!

  17. Feast….when summer means endless entertaining in casual outdoor locales..I need as much inspiration as I can find to make each meal a unique social experience

  18. I’m starting to get some greasy looks from my somewhat successful attempts at herbs and vegetables on the back porch! This book would help me finally let the coriander beam with joy!

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