Breakfast in Lijiang, China

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The bus ride seemed to start off pretty well, but then you stop to wait for the traffic. But why do we need to wait? Oh, they have ripped up the road between the airport and town, only 26kms. Well that 26 kms took us an extremely dusty hour and then we were there.

Where is there you ask? Lijiang, an old Chinese town huddled below Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. The town is more of a city, but the old part of town has been preserved, turning into a Chinese tourist wonderland.

The old town is full of winding cobbled streets, streams, bridges and old style houses. Though that is where the “old” ends as every building has been turned into a tourist shop of one kind or another.

Finding good food here was slightly harder than anticipated as many places were very overpriced or selling pizza. But we found some local restaurants, and in particular a place to get our favorite breakfast of fried eggy bread.

The town is very charming in the morning, but as the tourist buses start crashing in the place starts getting crazier and crazier as the day winds on.

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