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Charis Seafood in Labrador on a Sunday at Lunch time.  Well we were doing a drive by after the beach, trying to discover something new.  This place apparently has great reviews, Roy found it on the net.  Branching out from the fish and chip shop at Tugan.

Our first real summer day out.  A swim at the beach, a little sun.  Not too much for me as my skin burns in five minutes.  But Roy did find a great swimming spot with trees for me to hide in.  The water was cold, the sky was gray and on the plus side not many people at the beach.

Roy did some reasearch on the internet to find a new fish and chip place.  Charis Seafood won the jackpot.  So after our swim at the other end of the Gold Coast, we missioned through it to get to Labrador.  From the outside Charis looked busy the park around it was swarming with people and thousands of kids.  Inside there were many heads.  My dread sets in, shit, that means we are going to have to wait for ages.  The natural response, really.

Determined to give it a go, with Roy reassuring me that we were not in a rush, we headed on in to suss it out.  Fresh and cooked seafood.  In the window below a sample of the oysters .

The prawns above.  Roy browsed which prawns to buy for lunch and me on to the hot side.  Calamari and Fish, two things that determine if people have it right.  Once I had ordered my simple order, not long after (4minutes maybe 6)  our food was ready.  This is a record breaker for me.  No where at any fish and chip shop, have I not needed to wait.   With this in mind that there was almost 15 people working in the kitchen.  It was peak time on a Sunday.

The calamari, well I dont really have much to say other than it was not from Chinderah.  Read THIS

Fresh prawns for Roy.  Fish below, just battered, with chips.  Fish was good, sweet and the batter was not too greasy.

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Lizzie Moult

Lizzie Moult

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