Chicken Business


I have talked about breeding chickens for ages. Berk the rooster seems to have a wonderful temperament plus he is very handsome and I have some good layers on my hands. I think the timing is finally right for me to go into Chicken Business.

After our first experiment of breeding I have decided to change my practices a little. No more clucky hens sitting on eggs. I have bought an incubator to do the work for me. A clucky hen goes off the lay for over 9 weeks. That is a long time not to get eggs – that is almost five dozen eggs I could have in my kitchen.

All our chooks are free range, they stay in a cage overnight which is a mansion and have plenty of access to clean water and chook feed. We feed our birds a laying mash its in between whole seed and mush. I currently have light sussex, rode island reds & ISA browns.

Light sussex will be the first rare breed girls I will have to offer. Starting with day old chicks and then selling my girls also as point of lay. The light sussex are really versatile birds great for meat and eggs. Plus they are super friendly and social great for kids.

I am taking orders for November, so if you are in the Sunshine Coast and want some new Light sussex hens to add to your pack send me an email For more information about the light sussex and prices click here.



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  1. Hey Lizzie .. good luck with the chick venture. I often thought about using an incubator, but friends of mine didn’t have great experiences with them. I’ve got a nutty chook sitting on 6 eggs currently. Collin’s first chicks!