COMPETITION: Win a Real Nappies Pack


Know someone who is pregnant or are you yourself expecting? Making the choice of which way to go for nappies early on is one of the many decisions you will make as a new parent. For us we knew that we would use cloth nappies, the money we would save would be thousands, they are eco-friendly with our septic system and they don’t need soaking saving our precious water. Real Nappies are made from 100% cotton which is great for your babies bum. We are offering one reader the chance to try these easy to use cloth nappies for themselves.


The kind folks at Real Nappies are kindly offering one lucky reader of Strayed from the Table the chance to try cloth nappies for themselves. The Top-Up Pack includes 6 cloth nappies, 2 snug wraps (covers) and a user guide. You can choose what size and what colour covers you would like to use too. The total prize is valued at $46

Win a Real Nappies Pack


One lucky winner will receive a top-up pack from Real Nappies delivered to your door. Perfect for trying out these award winning cloth nappies to see for yourself how easy they are to use. Don’t miss the chance to win this prize, it could be perfect as a gift to someone you know expecting soon.

To Win

– YOU MUST Answer the Comment Question to go in the draw. Start your comment with the words “REAL NAPPIES” and tell me “Why you like cloth nappies”
– Giveaway runs from 23th March, 2014 (Sunday) until 5pm 30th March (Sunday), 2014. One lucky winner will be picked randomly and announced on the 31st March, 2014.

Good Luck everyone.

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Lizzie Moult

Lizzie Moult

Planning, cooking, chasing kids & running an online business; it might seem like there is a lot going on. Yet Lizzie is all about living simply and creating a flexible lifestyle that enables plenty of travel, adventure and quality time. A lifestyle writer and photographer for over 10 years for numerous publications, working online for over 14 years Lizzie also works as a mentor for women who are looking to create and live a life with passion & purpose at

26 Responses

    Hi Lizzie! Nice work with the nappies. I love the idea of using cloth and am very much hoping to do so with my little one (two months old) in the near future. We’ve been using Naty disposables so far, but I love the re-use of cloth and the absolute lack of a pile of waste thrown in the bin at the end of each day (which just depresses me!!). Like you, I’ve narrowed down my preference to prefolds and covers as our first cloth nappies so I would love a chance to try out these ones out. Cheers for the competition! Melania

  2. REAL NAPPIES are best for babies bottoms, for the environment and for the budget. Nothing nicer than sun dried nappies – they smell fresh and look so bright. I used cloth nappies for my own children and loved them, so I am hoping my grandchildren will have their bottoms wrapped in nature too.

  3. real nappies are all I used as my daughter is allergic to the throw away ones
    but I save so much money as the throw away one are so expensive

  4. Real Nappies! We love Cloth Nappies because it suits our style of parenting. My mother raised myself and my siblings on cloth nappies, and we have continued the tradition with our daughters. Environmentally friendly is just the beginning of the benefits for using Cloth Nappies. Thank you for the giveaway 🙂

  5. REAL NAPPIES are so awesome, they are easy to use, almost as quick and convenient to care for as regular clothes they look and feel nice, they don’t fill your rubbish bin and they can save you a fortune compared to alternatives.

  6. Real Nappies
    I love cloth nappies because they look super easy to put on just like a disposable. The prefolds look easy to wash and dry since the open out flat. I hear sunshine works magic getting stains out. Best of all they don’t clog up the landfill like disposables. They also come in different colours and designs and look super cute on baby’s bottoms 🙂

  7. REAL NAPPIES are so lovely. There is nothing that beats the feeling of bringing inside a load of freshly washed, sun dried nappies. The smell is so clean and fresh and it makes me love all of the homely chores of being a mother 🙂 if only the dirty nappies smelt as nice!

  8. I love the idea of cloth nappies and the money they save plus the feel good feeling from helping the planet and not having a lot of poopy disposable nappies end up in landfill.

  9. Real nappies rock! When we were deciding whether we would use disposables or cloth, I spent many hours searching for the pros and cons of each. Then we found out that there are chemicals in disposables that have been banned from women’s sanitary items for years – shock horror! Why?!! When we looked into this further, we were mortified at what we found. That was it! We immediately decided on cloth nappies. We love that our son’s bottom is safe from those chemical nasties which can cause infertility, impotence, cancer and many other problems later in life. The real nappy system looks great and I’ve heard through the grapevine they even contain those lovely explosive poos! Look forward to using them, thank you for the giveaway!

  10. Real nappies. Easy to skin dries quick, environmentally friendly (I don’t have to take out smelly rubbish) and gentle on babies skin (no chemical irritations).

  11. Real Nappies are the only way to go. You save a fortune by using cloth nappies you are also doing your bit by helping the planet.

    Cutting down to one income while having a baby is tough. Counting the amount of cloth nappies that go into the washing machine daily and the money that has been saved by not using disposable nappies helps to ease the stretch!

  13. REAL NAPPIES have been used for my little ones tooshies. Why? Environmental a better option – especially if you use the same ones for the next baby. I think they’re better for bubba. Personally, my bubs never had any bad reaction to the material used in the disposables but no one would like sitting in their own wee. Just because a nappy can hold a lot of wee, doesn’t mean it should. :-/
    But I think having my bubs in cloth actually helped toilet train easier. They could feel when wet.

    I am expecting my first child late October and am extremely keen to do the right thing by the environment and reduce unnecessary waste. We do not use disposable clothing in our house, nor do we dine with disposable tableware. It only makes sense to reuse where we can. And why not do it with style while we’re at it! 😉

  15. I used REAL nappies on all my three daughters
    now my daughter wishes to do the same.
    Environmentally friendly, re-usable and practical, they just make sense
    even in this day and age

  16. REAL NAPPIES are awesome best MCN I have used, now my friend is asking what nappies did we find best, I recommended REAL NAPPIES so I’d love to win her a pack for her wee little girl and show her how awesome they are

    Cloth nappies are perfect. They are fantastic for sensitive little bottoms like my little girl’s and even allow the fashion conscious mum to match your baby’s nappy to their outfit. Cloth nappies don’t produce the waste or have the same environmental impact as disposables and you don’t have a bin full of stinky nappies in the house. Best of all they work really well. I have never had a leak with a modern cloth nappy (but the same can’t be said for the few times I have used a disposable). They save you so much money and are the perfect choice. I would love to try some real nappies for my new little bub.


    No more synthetic nappy rash, no more itchy bums;
    Nothing beats the fresh cloth nappy that’s gentle around the tum.
    My baby girl loves her cloth nappies, they keep her smelling fresh
    Enviro-friendly and money saving – cloth nappies are the best!


    I love cloth nappies, and would love to win these for my girlfriend who has finally fallen pregnant on her 3rd try. I used cloth nappies on my baby girl and fell in love with them. Not only did we save on money, and the environment, they were perfect for my girls excema.

  20. I love cloth nappies and love spreading the word about them, Environmentally friendly, easy to clean, no stinky garbage bins, and adorable on little bottoms

  21. REAL NAPPIES are amazing, reliable prefolds and covers. Easy to wash, fast to dry and simple to use. We love to use cloth nappies to spare our babies from exposure to unnecessary chemicals, to reduce landfill by reducing our own household waste and also for the comfort of our children!

    Love cloth nappies! I have a 15 month old and another bub on the way. We have used cloth with my son since he was born. We were using another style/brand of nappy but had a few issues so looking for a better option. Real nappies look great and I love the 2 child guarantee! Would love to give these babies a go!

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