Competition: Win A Subscription to the Organic Gardener Magazine



The fabulous people at ABC Organic Gardener are kindly offering one lucky reader of Strayed from the Table a years subscription to Organic Gardener Magazine worth $50. I can’t live with out my subscription each year as it provides us with new ideas about gardening and how to keep the veggies organic and natural.  We often refer back to past issues when we are researching new plants for our property or thinking about building garden structures.

A Years Subscription to ABC’s Organic Gardener


The lucky winner will get a years subscription delivered into their mail box every two months. It’s the middle of spring  and if you need inspiration in the veggie garden department, don’t miss the chance to win this prize. It will keep your green thumb going for a whole year.

To Win


– YOU MUST Answer the Comment Question to go in the draw. Start your comment with the words “Veggie Patch” and tell me “A name of a plant/veggie that you struggle to grow successfully but keep trying to grow anyway?”

– Giveaway runs from 1st October, 2013 (Tuesday) until 5pm 9th October, 2013. One lucky winner will be picked randomly and announced on the 10th October, 2013.

Good Luck everyone & happy gardening.


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Lizzie Moult

Lizzie Moult

Planning, cooking, chasing kids & running an online business; it might seem like there is a lot going on yet Lizzie is about living simply and creating a lifestyle that is flexible yet enables plenty of travel, adventure and quality time. Writer and photographer for over 10 years for numerous publications, working online for over 14 years Lizzie also works as a mentor for entrepreneurs, creatives, bloggers and leaders at

46 Responses

  1. Veggie Patch… Brocolli – I have NEVER had a successful crop…it’s either succumbed to pests, not grown, or bolted. I keep trying though!

  2. Capsicum, I’ve just planted some perrenial capsicum seeds, a tropical variety, to see if I have better success with that.

  3. Veggie Patch… Carrots. They never come out straight always forked or little balls but I don’t mind I love the odd shapes chopped up in a stir fry.

  4. Veggie Patch…Basil, I am on my third attempt at least and my latest seedlings are tiny but still alive so fingers crossed as would love lots of fresh basil to go with the huge crop of tomatoes I think we are going to get this year.

  5. vegie patch – cabbages. i have such patchy results – sometimes they do not develop hearts, or they get riddled with aphids and caterpillars, which is definitely disappointing when it’s taken months to grow them. i love sugarloaf cabbages in particular, but get so disheartened by the poor results.
    great comp, lizzie – i’d have to share the mags with my dad if i won!

  6. Veggie patch…. I try to grow rhubarb but due to long loooong grow times and the unkind Qld weather I’ve drowned one lot and lost another to heat.

  7. Veggie patch…… choko! yup, this is embarrasing, but I cannot grow chokos!! I know, know! (hiding my head in shame). I had a sprouted one and planted it, then it rotted in the ground. Next I was told to just lay it on the surface and it would send down roots. My husband harvested that one! For my third and final (?) try, I at last seem to be seeing shoots big enough to climb a trellis! Now those shoots keep wanting to go through the fence into the neighbours yard! I am persisting though, us gardeners are a persistant lot. I hope I haven’t rambled on too much. What a lovely giveaway – thank you for hosting it!

  8. Veggie Patch: beetroot. I’m just a beginner so potentially it could be everything in my garden that I struggle with but so far beetroot isn’t doing so well. the seedlings came up at first but now seem to have stopped growing

  9. Veggie patch – parsnip, which never germinates for me! And cucumbers, which always get mildew and die, though I’m trying two different varieties this year anyway! I never have success with capsicum either, and could probably list a few more… 🙁

  10. Veggie patch – cabbages! They’re of my husband’s favourite veggies (he make a great cabbage and potato curry from them) but I can’t seem to get them to grow successfully. They don’t form proper hearts, they tend to get aphids and they sometimes rot in the middle – all rather sad! However, we’re moving into our new home tomorrow so I’ll dig a garden and try again!

  11. Vegige Patch – cucumbers – just can’t seem to keep enough water up to them by mid summer, I only get 2-3 cukes at the beginning.

  12. Vegie Patch – carrots . My carrots seem to run across the soil. I dig the soil well and do not fertalise. The soil has lots of organic matter in it. They just go haywire.I live in South East Queensland and we get bucketloads of rain during summer.

  13. Veggie Patch… Garlic. I’ve changed location of where in the garden I grow it, changed the soil grown in, but alas, it still stagnates and won’t grow.

  14. Veggie Patch…. Cherry tomatoes; the birds, worms and sun all impact the growth of my cherry tomatoes, no matter how long i stick to it they never turn out right. I think i may have to quit my job and social life in order to just observe them until i get it right hahahah!

  15. Veggie Patch….Broadbeans – for the past three years I’ve grown tall, robust and healthy looking plants and usually manage to get only enough pods to make one or maybe two teeny little sides dish for the two of us – a delicious side dish but one that cruelly taunts me with what could be if only I could figure out why so few of the flowers turn into broad beans.

  16. Veggie patch, I have trouble growing tomatoes successfully. Will have to stop working so I find out why, and to enjoy my gardening to its fullest hehe.

  17. Veggie Patch…I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, but I have not been able to successfully grow shallots/spring onions! I love them and everyone tells me that they are easy to grow, so I keep trying…

  18. Veggie Patch – carrots, I love eating them every way and grew up with a grandma who grew them successfully all my life, I just can’t seem to get any carrots! I’m still trying though and have some lovely green shoots coming up!

  19. Veggie patch.. Beans. We moved 4 years ago and haven’t been able to grow beans, they keep getting eaten. This year we are covering each bean with plastic cups.
    We can grow just about everything else. Our ducks keep all other pests away.

  20. Veggie Patch, I struggle with spring onions. The first seedlings I bought were dug up by my cat, second lot eaten by my chooks, third lot died in a recent storm and I’m just now thinking about how to keep my next lot alive!

  21. Veggie Patch – Beetroot! After seeing Peter Cundall with his beautiful bunch of huge beetroot I must buy (or win!) that copy of Organic Gardener to find out why mine are only the size of eggs!

  22. Veggie Patch – onions – it germinates and grows well for a while and then it fails….if at first you don’t succeed…..;)

  23. Veggie patch… constant disappointment in my veggie growing endeavours are the capsicums. The plants grow nicely, the fruit forms nicely, then along come the fruit flies (we live in sub-tropical Qld) or for whatever other reason the fruit falls prematurely or rots. I have recently planted yet another variety (this time an heirloom mini yellow) so hopefully…..

  24. Veggie patch oh how i love thee!! But between you and me, the broccoli has a conspiracy theory against us. I either seem to plant it too late, only get a scraggly head off of the plant, or it looks promising and then just bolts!! What the? The Brassica family is my nemesis. x

  25. Veggie patch… Despite my blog name, I struggle to grow kale. I live in an apartment so have a container veggie garden and first of all the kale seedlings didn’t grow because I used cheap potting mix, then they got eaten alive by bugs. Now they seem to be growing okay, but we’ve had a lot of hot weather so I’m keeping an eye on them.

  26. Veggie patch…. Garlic, my patch is a small suburban one, and I grow in brocolli boxes from the local fruit market, I make up my own organic compost and soil, 3 years now I have planted garlic, organic from growers in Geelong, and so far this year I have one lame plant showing it’s there… I have 3 boxes planted up, and give the full sun…. help please, as we use a lot of garlic in our home.

  27. Veggie patch….I try to grow lovely carrots, but they always end up stunted, and many are split….but I keep trying as kids love pulling them out of ground, very satisfying.

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