COMPETITION: Win A Years Subscription to ABC’s Organic Gardener


The fabulous folks at ABC Organic Gardener are kindly offering one lucky reader of Strayed from the Table a years subscription to Organic Gardener Magazine worth $50 and three runners up a copy of the latest edition. I can’t live with out my subscription each year as it provides us with new ideas about gardening and new veggies to try.  We often refer back to past issues when we are researching new plants for our property or thinking about building garden structures.

Win A Years Subscription to ABC’s Organic Gardener

The lucky winner will get a years subscription delivered into their mail box every two months. It’s the start of spring  and if you need inspiration in the veggie garden department, don’t miss the chance to win this prize. It will keep your green thumb going for a whole year. Three lucky runners up will also get a copy of the current edition.

To Win


– YOU MUST Answer the Comment Question to go in the draw. Start your comment with the words “Veggie Patch” and tell me “A name of a plant/veggie that you struggle to grow successfully but keep trying to grow anyway?”

– You MUST follow us on Facebook .

– Giveaway runs from 6th September, 2014 (Saturday) until 5pm 14th September, 2014. One lucky winner will be picked randomly along with the three runners up and announced on the 15th September, 2014.

Good Luck everyone & happy gardening.

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Lizzie Moult

Lizzie Moult

Planning, cooking, chasing kids & running an online business; it might seem like there is a lot going on. Yet Lizzie is all about living simply and creating a flexible lifestyle that enables plenty of travel, adventure and quality time. A lifestyle writer and photographer for over 10 years for numerous publications, working online for over 14 years Lizzie also works as a mentor for women who are looking to create and live a life with passion & purpose at

56 Responses

  1. Veggie patch…. I’m sure this will sound unbelievable but I have no success with cherry tomatoes. Though I can grow berries, herbs and fruit with no trouble.

  2. Vegie Patch battles are rare in our coastal (yes, windy, but fertile) garden – most things grow – and grow voraciously in the seasons where there is ample water and attention. Broccoli is our bugbear – every year we dream of reaping rewards from such, and every year we get a glimpse of promise as it bolts to flower! Oh well, we have a week or two of munching the side shoots raw as we contemplate when to rip it (and our dreams) out for something different.

  3. oh, for me it’s basil, which sounds weird because it’s typically easy to grow! just like the paul simon song, i’ve found “50 ways to kill my basil”. yet i keep going back for more, with visions of tomato mozzarella basil summer platters dancing in my mind…

  4. Veggie Patch-green beans. Never once. Every year, mostly rust, but pretty much anything they’ll pick up. Start really well and healthy then pfft-under siege lol

  5. Veggie Patch – I struggle with Broad beans, such a simple crop to grow but I get very few beans as I think that we need bees to pollinate (had bumble bees in NZ that worked very hard)

  6. Vegie patch – I try every year and I won’t give up but I find tomatoes hard to grow. Cherry tomatoes are good but the larger ones I have no luck with

  7. Veggie Patch woes here are the frosts! I couldn’t plant my tomatoes until end of November last year! So jealous of your and my Dad’s gorgeous crops… but I continue to try, even if i won’t be eating homegrown toms until January!

  8. Veggie patch…….cabbages are our challenge to grow. Everything likes to munch on them before we get a chance to harvest. So our coleslaw and sauerkraut never eventuate!

  9. Veggie Patch – seriously who can grow Brussells Sprouts to perfection? We get stalks, leaves and never any sprouts so to speak, but a lot of those gross green caterpillars where the sprout should be.

  10. Veggie Patch – – – – – ONIONS, be them brown,white or spanish, the stupid things grow green foliage and make eventually for nice ‘big’ spring onions but never any root fruit which is bad for all the care they’re given.

  11. “Veggie Patch” I keep trying to grow lettuce, Cos being my favourite. It goes to seed every time. Guess I will try again this Spring.

  12. Veggie Patch: asparagus. I thought that this year I’d be getting perfect asparagus from a crown I planted three years ago. Nothing. Not even a spike. A new crown planted last year is giving me plentiful new thin spikes but nothing from the established crown. I fear it’s been disturbed and won’t come back.

  13. Veggie Patch.

    For some reason my chili plants keep dying. I don’t know what I do wrong with them but it’s like they take one look at their new owner and just shrivel up.

  14. Veggie Patch, mine would have to be coriander, I’m always trying to grow it but every time it goes to seed and that’s the end of it!

  15. Veggie Patch seems to expand each year and slowly our backyard is becoming a mighty area for food production. Next the grape vines will go in so that will use up the last corner of the yard that is free. Our challenges here are frost and fruit fly and so capsicums are our ‘fail’ vegetable currently. Never to give up – I have seedlings in once again and should be planting them out in a few weeks. The battle with the fruit fly continues.

  16. I successfully grow things others might find a bit hard, like broccoli, but for the life of me I can’t grow shallots! People are amazed when I tell them this, and I keep getting told how easy they are. Not for me, but I keep on trying hoping to get the magic touch I need. Thanks for offering this great prize.

  17. Veggie Garden:: every year we plant countless tomato seeds, and year after year, we get only one or two plants, the fruit is always really late, and very thin. But I love homegrown tomatoes, so I continue to try.

  18. Veggie Patch. I seem incapable of growing ANY kind of brassica. And every year, I persist with at least one – and one day I WILL manage to grow my own sprouts or broccoli!

  19. Vege patch – Artichokes. I struggled to get them to grow from seed and when I did get a couple to grow, those pesky cockatoos destroyed them. Am midway through scarecrow installation to keep them at bay.

  20. Veggie patch, heirloom tomatoes, or in fact any regular tomatoes, other than the cherry tomatoes. We have bacterial wilt in the soil, but I keep adding compost, worm poo, seaweed, and growing organically, hoping I find some way to improve the soil. In my mind, improving the soil will beat this thing. What a wonderful giveaway – thanks for offering it!

  21. Veggie Patch … would look great if the Brussel Sprouts would do more than sprout. They start to bud and show great early promise, then slowly increase to about a five cent piece size. Then we sit and watch them for months only to eventually turn them over for green compost in their five cent state. I will try again though as it is human nature to be positive and bright with our endeavours while there is always hope. (Yes, they do get watered frequently.)

  22. At the moment we struggle with everything because we are only starting to establish our first veggie patch. We have very poor soil; so to grow anything will be a challenge.

  23. Veggie patch carrots, why will you not germinate for me?! I give you lovely loose, not-too-rich soil to grow in, I water you daily and keep you moist under a hessian sack… and still nothing. I’m sure I’ve planted a thousand carrot seeds and had maybe 10 carrots in return. Must get out this weekend and plant some more now that Spring is here. I won’t be beaten!! (Any tips?) 😉

  24. Veggie Patch – Beetroot! Love it, can’t grow it! I’m working my way through different varieties, hoping for a different result.

  25. Vegie Patch: strawberries! I persist because I’m a wee bit stubborn and I can’t understand why i can’t grow an abundance of them. I water them, I feed them, I net them from the birds and I still only harvest three or four.

  26. “Veggie Patch” – Broccoli. I get the plants growing ok but they never have decent “heads” leaving me with a seasons gard work for a few spindly florets

  27. Veggie patch: Strawberries. 3 yrs in and each year is better than the last. Lots of leaves but hardly a strawberry to be seen. I will persist with my home made jam dreams.

  28. Veggie Patch- I keep my mind clear and say go for Tomato but whichever ones I try ie Heirloom, Grosse Lisse , Little Toms they all look good & all of a sudden , there’s a brown spot & something has got them
    I don’t want to use Tomato dust so they inevitably end up rotten

  29. Veggie patch. I struggle growing cabbages because we have very little winter, and the cabbage moth grubs decimate them before I get a look in.

  30. Veggie patch – for the past 2 years I’ve struggled to grow potatoes – I think I haven’t been planting them deep enough, fingers-crossed the ones in now (third time lucky) will be good:)

  31. Veggie Patch! Tomatoes in our patch, if there is a good day and the insects and all manner of grubs don’t make off with them, the marauding flocks of galahs and corellas trample what is left!

  32. Veggie Patch
    My nemesis is ANY FRUIT TREE… largely because the possums always win – which technically makes the possum the enemy, not the tree!

  33. Veggie Patch . Kale the grubs just eat and eat and eat it although I figure if they are eating that they are not eating something else in the garden besides my neighbour grows beautiful kale and sometimes she passes some on to me .

  34. Vegie patch. Mint. Yep I know that every one can grow it, except me. My dream is to go out and pick big bunches of mint from my garden along with the basil thyme and rosemary that all thrive here.

  35. Veggie Patch-Lucky to get a 50% green bean germination. Always look beautiful, many flowers, teeny tiny beans and then the plants up and die on me!

  36. Veggie Patch…cherry toms are good…but any other variety is always doomed! I think our soil has the tomatoe wilt virus….cherry toms make delicious pasta sauce though!

  37. Vege patch – I am having NO LUCK growing leafy greens in the garden at this house. So disappointing as I have always felt I had a bit of a “green thumb!”

  38. CONGRATULATIONS to Di who wants help growing brussel sprouts, you have won a Years Subscription to ABC’s Organic Gardener Magazine. Congratulations to Joanne Southwell, Helen Rodgers & Marylin you have won a copy of the latest edition of Organic Gardener Magazine. Thanks to everyone for entering and once again congratulations to our winners. Happy Gardening.

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