DIY: Rustic Christmas Star Ornaments

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Do you get your craft on? Many years ago I use to have craft nights at my house we would all sit around cutting, drawing, gluing, tying and creating. Generally many bottles of wine were also involved, those where the days of art school. I wish I got the chance to be more creative I find having people around who fuel your brain with ideas always a good place to start. Soon Isla will be big enough (ok, maybe in a couple of years) we can get our craft on too, I look forward to that time.

On Monday Isla and I had some visitors for the day and two of them were under ten. I had planned to make some ornaments this year to hang around the house/shed for decoration. As I have not got organised and bought a bunya for our Christmas tree yet. We planted our tree from last year and the pot sits empty waiting to be replaced.

With a few extra hands about I collected up some sticks, twigs and leaves from our silver gums that are down the paddock. I found some wool which was also a great colour and then the imagination was to let rip. At first we started with triangles which would then be doubled up as stars (six pointers) then we figured out how to do the five pointer. The five-pointed stars seem to look much better however I don’t mind a bit of messy star action.

The creative juices got going and rosemary, lavender and parsley were picked to pretty up the stars. Imaginations were going full throttle at this point. Woven with the wool the stars took shape tying each piece of decoration to the twigs of the main frame.

Do you get crafty at Christmas, what do you make?

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What you need: plenty of sticks, twigs, bark, leaves, herbs, green fleshy aromatics like lavender, parsley or rosemary, wool or string and plenty of imagination.

HOW TO: Start by finding five equal sized lengths of stick, twig or bark. Layout your design and then tie it together with your choice of wool or sting. Make sure you have tied your star together well as this is the template for your imagination to run wild. Once the star is sturdy you can then decorate with your choices of leafy greens, dried leaves, feathers or more wool and string. Tie each piece into place making sure it is secure. Finally once you are happy with your star using a piece of sting or wool at the top point create a loop of wool/string for you star to be easily hung.


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Lizzie Moult

Lizzie Moult

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