Egg Cooker from Singapore

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You are probably wondering what the go is with the eggs and the plastic thingo. Being the good wife that I am, Roy got a present from my latest trip from Singapore. On one of the field excursions with fellow foodies Helen & Jen a kitchen store was spotted. More so Helen did a great one minute sales pitch out the front of the store about this cool egg cooking contraption. I was totally sold, Roy was going to love it.

BELOW: Roy just woken up, with me pointing the camera in his face telling him to show some enthusiasm. Yay for thumbs up.

How does it work. The coolest thing is that when Roy makes his coffee he has to boil the kettle. Which means he needs to add more water if he also wants to cook an egg for breakfast. A one step breakfast, boil kettle, make coffee, cook egg and toast a slice of bread. Really easy and no timer, so you wont forget they are on the stove and over-cook them.

Once the kettle’s boiled you fill the clear plastic bucket with water according to how many eggs you have. Then you wait patiently sipping at coffee until the water finishes running through to the bottom (the yellow part). If you like super runny eggs then they are ready, if you liked them a little more cooked then pour a second load of boiling water over the eggs*.  It takes a little longer using this process but it does let you have soft-boiled eggs for breakfast.

* Make sure you empty the bucket first.

The Verdict: Roy thinks the eggs still need to be cooked twice, once is still way to runny. We are thinking if you have smaller eggs then maybe once is better. It takes longer then putting them on the stove which gives you time to enjoy your coffee, have a shower and start reading the news. We are definitely going to try it again.

Do you like soft, runny or hard eggs with your soldiers?


Lizzie Moult

Lizzie Moult

Planning, cooking, chasing kids & running an online business; it might seem like there is a lot going on. Yet Lizzie is all about living simply and creating a flexible lifestyle that enables plenty of travel, adventure and quality time. A lifestyle writer and photographer for over 10 years for numerous publications, working online for over 14 years Lizzie also works as Cognitive Behavioural Therapist to help people live a life with passion & purpose without people-pleasing, imposter syndrome and seeking approval at

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  1. Omg, I had one of those growing up and I love cooking eggs in them, cuz even a 6 year old could use them. I’ll have to remember to pick one up next time I’m in the motherland.

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