Exercise during Pregnancy, 12 week count down


 Going to have to get better at taking selfies! Hot and bothered with a white belly.

That’s right only 12 more weeks to go. It’s starting to get a little exciting and very real all of a sudden. To this day I now have one baby blanket ready for our little ones arrival and that is it. So over the next 12 weeks I am going to be posting about food, midwives, house cleaning, nappies, cots, car seats, our freezer, washing and talk about our baby budget.


Me & Annie Hewitt

This week I want to talk about exercise during pregnancy. It’s a hot topic and it’s often debated about what you should and shouldn’t be doing. I have an active life living on a farm and in my job I need to be able to lift things about. Before I was pregnant I started going to Timber Gym which is down the road from my place, I wanted to get strength and stay toned to help with my everyday life. Now that I am pregnant I wanted to keep my strength especially in my legs for labour plus its kinda nice that I haven’t lost my upper body strength. 

Each week I go down to the gym and train among some other incredible women under Annie Hewitt’s supervision. I am really lucky to have Annie as a trainer she is a former 3 time world body building champion. Plus she has also trained other pregnant women so she keeps me safe during my workouts. I am a big believer in knowing and listening to your body. If something doesn’t feel right don’t do it and that rule is especially important during pregnancy. Annie works with me and modifies my exercises so I don’t strain myself. Plus with my belly growing each week, I have dropped the weights that I would normal do too.

The style of training is resistance weight training which we work with the breath. Breathing is really important during pregnancy and working with your breath during exercise makes for smooth movements. It’s really important that anyone who is pregnant should not hold their breath, especially during exercise. Another great thing about this style of training is not overheating while training, which can be dangerous. Doing multiple reps with good form with the breath and drinking plenty of water to keep hydrated is the key.

Last week Annie shared with me that the University of Montreal did a study on mum’s exercise and her baby’s brain development. It revealed that the more active mum was the more active the baby’s brain is after its born. The study was presented at the Neuroscience 2013 meeting in San Diego. I like the idea I may have a smart baby all thanks to me being active, going to the gym and of course eating right.


Me at 21 weeks exercising.


So why do I exercise? The simple answer is to stay fit, strong and help during labour. I also want to be able to get back to the gym sooner after bub is born. So I can keep my strength and also shed some of the kilo’s I have no doubt put on while pregnant. Being able to do my work around the farm while pregnant and after bub is born is really important. Life is not going to stop just because I have had a baby, those pesky weeds in the garden will no doubt need pulling after a few weeks of neglect and my veggies wont pick themselves.

Next month I am going to take on pregnancy yoga until the baby is born too. I want to keep up with breathing techniques and do some gentle stretches. Also some of the positions will be of help during labour. Anything to make my experience easier while giving birth – I think is a good idea.


Ziggy the pig playing at Timber Gym


Timber Gym is an outdoor play ground (gym) located in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. Annie runs several classes during the week and she is also available for one-on-one training. To find out more about Timber Gym  send Annie an email or you can follow her on Facebook.

Next week I am going to talk about FOOD while pregnant.

NOTE: I would never start this type of exercise during pregnancy, I have been dong it for over a year now and built strength before falling pregnant. Expecting mum’s should always talk to their midwives or doctors before starting any type of exercise during pregnancy.



  1. look at that beautiful belly! Not long to go now 🙂

  2. Wow look at you go! So commendable that you’re so active and determined to stay fit. I reckon the weeds would be the last thing on my mind! lol

  3. Oh my gosh, I can’t believe I’m so far behind that I swear you JUST posted that you were pregnant and now look at you, nearing the end! You look gorgeous! I can’t wait to read your pregnancy updates and I promise to be much better about commenting. I’m SUPER impressed with how much you’re exercising and staying in shape. I know that that’s really so important during pregnancy and I hope that I have the strength/motivation to do it when it’s my time. Of course if I had that awesome looking gym nearby it sure would be easier 😉

    • Thanks Amy. Life does get busy doesn’t it. I definitely recommend starting any exercise you want to do during pregnancy as soon as you can before falling pregnant. It will help definitely.

  4. Good on you! I wish I’d done more exercise throughout my pregnancy. I’ve just started yoga again, but as you said, I’ve always done it before. I feel so good for doing it! I look forward to ready your next posts!

  5. I missed the memo about you being pregnant. Congratulations Lizzie, lovely news. Bellydancing is supposed to be ideal for pregnant women and was developed to aid in childbirth. It may be something to consider for your next child. This is one lucky baby to be born to such a healthy living couple and with access to homegrown food and an excellent cook, fresh air and happy animals. I am expecting a Superbaby.

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