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For the past three years I have lived in our humble shed, I have managed to cook up some pretty amazing meals. What many of you don’t know is this was the Strayed from the Table HQ where all the recipes were created and photos taken. I contributed to magazines and newspapers all with a very limited kitchen.

I thought it was time to share how limited my kitchen is and share some the practical bits in my kitchen that made it work. Firstly the kitchen bench is 4m long which includes the sink to the far left. The cupboard under the sink is for plastic bags, cleaning items, chux, paper towels and a little storage. Moving to the right is where the dirty dishes hang out next to the kettle underneath that is my draws, first is for cutlery, second is for cooking utensils(tongs, spatulas, rolling pins and ladles), third is for gladwrap, baking paper, plastic bags, alfoil and the last was were I kept my tea towels.

Then you can see my oven. Yes it is the size of a microwave but is hands down the best oven I have ever worked with in my life plus it doubles as a toaster. The only downside is you can only cook one thing at a time. Under neath the bench is where we kept our plates, bowls, glasses, cups and mugs. Then I have a bit of bench space which most of the time was taken up by vegetables and fruit but it was my work area. The draws underneath that space were used for pots and pans (top) and the bottom for  all the plastic. The cupboard along was my pantry for all my rice, flour, sugar, cans and other dried goods. Above that is my kitchen companion our single burner gas stove with gas bottle sitting on a milk crate. Once again only having one burner you figure out how to do a lot of one pot dinners.

The cupboards above the workbench were for spices, oils and asian sauce goodness and the shelf above the oven was where the tea and coffee would hang out. I should have taken photos before I packed but now they are all empty. Isla and I have a milk crate of food and a crate of plates, cutlery and cooking bits left and that is it. We are camping in style for the next few nights.

My kitchen was in perfect order and nothing was ever far to reach. After working in numerous kitchens in Brisbane back in the day you are given usually a meter or less to work (bench wise) and you would just have to go with it. Still to this day I keep my mess controlled and minimal.

I am yet to see my new kitchen but I know that it has four burners, an oven and a pantry. I can’t wait. Looking forward to new cooking adventures who knows my cooking style might change, I may even lash out and cook two things at the same time – imagine that.

Look we are all packed and ready to go. Moving day is Friday. Wish us luck.


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Lizzie Moult

Lizzie Moult

Planning, cooking, chasing kids & running an online business; it might seem like there is a lot going on yet Lizzie is about living simply and creating a lifestyle that is flexible yet enables plenty of travel, adventure and quality time. Writer and photographer for over 10 years for numerous publications, working online for over 14 years Lizzie also works as a mentor for entrepreneurs, creatives, bloggers and leaders at

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  1. All the very best Lizzie 🙂 Hope everything goes well in the move & new home!! We look forward to following your new venture & lots of yummy recipes! Tanya. xo

    1. I guess we all can’t win. I always dream of having a bigger oven, too soon will I get one. I think I prefer bench space over oven space though, I always have things brewing or ripening on the benches.

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