Farm Life: Everything is so Cute


I know many of you have been waiting to hear all about our new family member. Well Isla Rose came into the world on the 16th April at 3.14am after a blood moon, she weighed in at 7p 6oz. I had a wonderful birth we watched the moon in the evening and then went off to the hospital to have a water birth, I was in active labour for only two and half hours, so she came quickly. I left the hospital the next day as I was stuck in a ward with some crazies each of them had something wrong with them emotionally, mentally or physically and the dramas were never ending. I was the quite one in the corner, Roy has been looking after me wonderfully since Isla and I have been home. We have been having a few breast feeding issues but we are working through them, otherwise we are blessed with a calm baby who sleeps most of the night and is really chilled. Mind you she has TimberGym legs, this little lady can climb, she has been holding her head up since day one and can lift her own weight with her legs.

The Monday before Isla came into our world Roy and I picked up a rooster to add to the flock, it had come time and we found the perfect fella. Roy has named him Berk (Berk-Begurk), he has his own special roost in the hen house, he is calm and very friendly. He even shares his food with the ladies.

On the Wednesday that I gave birth, I got a call from the chicken folk at Yandina to say that my chicks were in that I had ordered. I guess when it rains it pours. However giving Roy and I a break we picked them up on the Tuesday after Easter. So we have 18 new editions to the Farm all in a week. The little chicks are in their pen, up near the house here where they have access to grass and plenty of food. They are growing as quickly as Isla is. Isla and I often sit and watch them for a bit each day, she likes the sound that they make – cute.

I want to say a big thank you to all that have sent their well wishes, we have been really fortunate these past few weeks.


Our newest members 16 new chicks hiding in a box. English Sussex and Rhode Island Reds


Berk the Rooster


Dad – so proud!


Auntie Lily


Isla and I watching the chickens



  1. Congratulations on all your new arrivals. Isla is just darling! I can’t wait to watch her grow on your farm!

  2. So gorgeous Lizzie, enjoy these precious moments! x

  3. Oh, your little farm baby! So very sweet x

  4. Gorgeous photos! What a beautiful little girl you have! Congratulations!

    Breast feeding……I had problems to begin with too, including bleeding nipples with baby number two. I panicked when I saw he had blood coming out of his mouth and then I realized it was from me. I hung in there and gritted my teeth at the beginning of each feed but after a while things settled down. The problems and discomfort to begin with were all worth it. Good luck. xxoo

  5. Congratulations on your gorgeous little girl! What a big week for you all!

  6. Congratulations on all the new arrivals! She is absolutely beautiful!

  7. Congratulations, a beautiful little girl.

  8. Congrats lizzie, very cute!

  9. Congratulations šŸ™‚ she is adorable!

  10. Congratulations on the arrival of Isla. She is gorgeous. Enjoy watching her grow and change and enjoy all those cuddles.

  11. What a cutie she is – congratulations. It sounds as though she hit the ground running, and my gosh you are certainly not taking it easy by the sound of things. That rooster is quite the most handsome gentleman. Enjoy your much expanded family….

  12. congratulations Lizzie. Love the name Isla x

  13. Aw, Isla Rose is so cute! (The chicks are too, but Isla is more so!). Congrats — you and Roy must be over the moon with happiness (appropriate, I guess, given the blood moon and all). Love the last picture of you and Isla watching the chicks!

  14. Such wonderful news!! So glad things went smoothly, she is adorable and such a pretty name. x

  15. Congratulations! What a beautiful baby she is x

  16. I must have been having a senior moment as I initially couldn’t figure out where this very important post was but found it at last šŸ™‚

    Congratulations to you both and a warm welcome to Isla Rose. What a beautiful little girl šŸ™‚

  17. Beautiful post Lizzie. Isla is just gorgeous. Congratulations to you both. Splendid rooster!

  18. Congrats! She is absolutely gorgeous, and already a fierce and independent woman. <3

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  20. oh my goodness, congrats on the arrival of little Isla!!!! She is SO ADORABLE…look at those little lips!!! You have me extra excited to be having a baby now šŸ™‚

  21. Wow! what a beeeyootifull baby!! Well done. love this site.

  22. I’m not one bit surprised that you had a quite, confident birth and that little Isla is doing so well. You’ve got a bit of heaven up there on the hill.