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This past week I am relieved to say we have a finished shed. The shed was not on our to-do list for this year, however water was. You can check out our list of what we wanted to to this year. We have actually got some of it done – I m stoked.  Last week our shed arrived in three parts which to my eye looked unbelievable small. Three packages for a 6 x 12m shed – really is that all there is? Anyways while the delivery man was unloading, I was telling him on my difficulties of finding someone to put up the shed. 

Here on the Sunshine Coast there is a major job shortage and I thought finding someone to put up a shed would be easy. A month later, we still had not signed anyone up for our job. After complaining to the delivery man how people here don’t answer phones, don’t return emails and the one guy who did seemed to charge a fortune and wasn’t sure if he could do it before Christmas.

The reason I want this shed up before Christmas is that last year it was the breaking point for the rain. I don’t want to miss any opportunity for catching water for my garden next year and fill those tanks. The tanks will be coming this week.

Moving on, the delivery man-made a call to a different shed company to see if any of his guys were available to work. The likelihood for it to get done by Christmas was not looking promising. However Ric from Southern Cross Sheds said he would call around and see what he could do. Next time I need a shed I am buying one from him. After waiting all day for a call back, I was not impressed when I heard nothing, the hope of getting a shed built before Christmas was not looking good.

Roy called me that night to see if the delivery got in with no dramas and I shared that we could have almost had someone for the job but once again no phone call. 10 minutes after my whinge to Roy, my phone rang. I was pleased to hear a woman’s voice whose husband was a qualified shed builder – Jason. They had a spare week while they were waiting for slabs to be laid for other people’s sheds. He said he would come out the next day to give me a quote and if all is well he would do the job on the Monday.

The next day he showed up on time, made sure all the bits to the shed were there and gave me a very reasonable quote. Monday work began on our little garden shed. It took Jason and his off-sider three days to complete the job. I could not believe our luck, shed in before Christmas, tanks coming this week all we need now is for Roy and I to run the down pipes to the tanks and we will have water for 2014!

Word of mouth is often the most reliable way to source workers for a job. Do you find it the same in your area?




Above and below is the end of day one



Above and below: day two of shed buildstrayedtable-0840


Above and below the finished shed. woohoo.


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Lizzie Moult

Lizzie Moult

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  1. Now that’s what I call a shed! Man I would love to have something like in my yard to store the quads and my two other trucks. Any idea what that total square footage came out to be?

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