February Planting Guide – Free Download

Download Free Australian February Planting Guide

With the last of the hot days hopefully behind us it is time to start thinking about prepping the garden beds for the cooler months. For us February is time to clean out the veggie patch and make it ready for March when we get stuck in and plant out every last space.

This month our focus is adding as much organic matter, manure and gypsum (for our clay sections) to condition the soil. Seedlings will get planted and this week I have been going through my seed catalogs, carefully selecting a few new things to try.

The full moon was on Wednesday, so make sure you get some beans in pronto, as we all should see another crop before the frosts start to even think about coming.

February Planting Guide – DOWNLOAD NOW

Click the link above to download this  months planting guide. Designed by Lizzie and made for Australian veggie gardeners.



  1. Beautiful work Lizzie, I love this. x

  2. Fabulous resource, thanks so much for sharing! 🙂