Garden Share Collective: February 2014


The rainy season has finally started for us which means its time to plant, plant and plant. We have another great group of gardeners from Australia and the world sharing their veggie patches this month apart of the Garden Share Collective. Check the bottom for all the members pages. The Garden Share Collective is a group of bloggers who post a monthly garden report about what they are growing in their veggie patches, small suburban backyards, pots and even the odd balcony garden. The project’s aim is to inspire more people to garden and grow their own clean and fresh food.

This past month I have started seedlings for planting. As you can see in the picture above I have had some successes and some failures. The good news is I have planted out some of the veggies so far. I have experimented with making my own seed raising mix – you can read about that here. Seeds like to stay moist and with Qld weather conditions not always favorable for seed planting I had to add a few extra bits to make my mix. So far the cucurbita family and beans like it. silverbeet, broccoli, cabbage don’t and well the lettuce seeds are just not coming up. The first tray you see I planted only a few days ago, so I look forward to seeing some action from it in the coming days. Come on snake beans!


My broccoli, silverbeet and towering okra. Come on, do something. You need to get bigger so I can transplant you. I have just started adding fish to my watering regime to give them a slight nudge to grow bigger.


I thought I would show you an aerial view of my garden. The top bed is the one divided into four section and the bottom is the one with two. We have four raised garden beds which will be filled in the next few months. The yellow highlighted bits are what I need to be working on the next month. So planting out my seedlings, pulling and clearing weeds, mulching and getting the beds ready for the next planting. The bottom bed will need weeding at some point, but will be looking at planting that out when I run out of space. I do plan to grow garlic in the bottom bed this year too.

PLANTING: beans (bush and climbing), broccoli (yes its early but I have a sneaky suspicion it will work), tomatoes, okra, zucchini, silverbeet, lettuce, asian greens, broadbeans, cabbages, cucumbers, rockmelons (I know crazy – just curious) and more lettuce.


Lady finger banana that is loving the rain.


Section one of the garden. It has been weeded and so far three rows have been replanted. I have the climbing snake beans on the right, zucchini in the middle and some bushbeans on the left. The tomatoes are going to get pulled out and replaced with broadbeans. That will most likely happen today. I need to get those beans in the ground as the moon is perfect.



Cherry Cocktail Tomatoes, this one bush I am keeping in the first section of the garden as it is doing really well. I have also been keeping seed to grow some more as it has been a real winner producing big cherry toms. Below Roy and I pulled out all the spuds that were sprouting, we got a few new spuds too, but decided it was better to plant out this space with leafy greens and put spuds elsewhere. So neat and tidy now it has no weeds and been mulched. The last two rows at the front on the right have ginger and turmeric in them with the rain they should do really too.



What a mess, the very end of the top bed. Just about all of this is going to get pulled out and replanted by next month. we have a couple of curly kale plants I will keep the rest will go. No one buys any other variety of kale so I am pulling it out. The three raised beds in the back ground will get a second layer of mushroom compost, chook manure and mulch. I plan to plant them out with asparagus crown, strawberries and rhubarb in the coming months.


PEST CONTROL: I have no idea what these critters are. I thought that they might be baby lady beetles the nasty black ones. But I can’t see any lady beetles. Anyway they have gone to town on all of my eggplants not only eating the leaves but have moved on to eating the fruit now too. I plan to feed the eggplants with organic fertilizer in hopes to give them so much-needed love to bring them back from the brink of being over eaten. I also might try spraying some dipel however with the rainy weather that will be pointless until it stops.

Below I planted out a couple of pumpkins to see how they would go through the rainy season.


 HARVESTING: zucchinis, a few eggplants, a few tomatoes, some purple snake beans, plenty of herbs, kale and peppers all stung by fruit fly 🙁


TO DO: Last month my goal was to clean out my herb garden and give it a much needed makeover. I managed to pull out the weeds, pull out the gooseberry and trim back anything that was going to seed. Roy helped me clean out around the rocks as we had to move them to the side to get to the weeds underneath. This month I plan on getting some more herbs to stock it up. A friend is going to drop off some cuttings for me to plant out. Not sure what I will be getting just yet but looking forward to it.

I have more planting, seed sowing and weeding to keep me busy for the next month. We have so much to do…

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Lizzie Moult

Lizzie Moult

Planning, cooking, chasing kids & running an online business; it might seem like there is a lot going on. Yet Lizzie is all about living simply and creating a flexible lifestyle that enables plenty of travel, adventure and quality time. A lifestyle writer and photographer for over 10 years for numerous publications, working online for over 14 years Lizzie also works as a mentor for women who are looking to create and live a life with passion & purpose at

24 Responses

  1. The critters eating your eggplants are flea beetles (Epitrix fuscula). They’re a menace in my eggplants too. Lizards and frogs like them. They need a host plant for the winter – in my area it is wild tobacco, so that’s one control – if you can, eliminate the weeds they like. This year, I’ve had some success beating them. I’m not sure why but I have some theories – I wrote a post about them recently at

  2. Sorry I didn’t get my act together (again) this month – our garden is just about heartbreaking at the moment, with chillies and herbs being the only edible produce.

    Loved the look at your logic.

  3. grrrrr those little black beetles! how frustrating, especially if they are now getting to the fruit.
    i love your before and afters for the weeding – it’s such a satisfying job doing a big weed out – especially when you can see where you’ve been! i also love the diagram of your garden – at first i thought you were giving us a a flowchart of your work tasks and i thought ‘my lord, i’ve never considered flowcharting the garden!!!”
    finally, i’m envious of your green paddocks. sigh… my lawn is beige right now.

  4. Thanks again for hosting. My apologies for not joining up this month – computer issues again. I always enjoy seeing what your garden is up to!

  5. Love the sound of some of the things you’re growing like rockmelons and lady finger banana – very curious about what they actually are. So many lovely seedlings, very exciting & definitely inspiring me to get on with planting.

  6. So busy in your garden Lizzie! I hope that you are getting plenty of rest also?
    You are very organised 🙂 I love seeing your large space. I am surprised that people only buy the curly kale. I love the tuscan one for chips. Have a great month.

  7. It all looks so green. Great before and after photos, I always enjoy those. It’s nice to look back and see that your hard work paid off. You certainly have a great space to work with, I don’t know how you keep up with it!

  8. Rows of ginger and turmeric sound so exotic to me! I did try to grow ginger, but it was a fail — too cold in Wellington I guess. And you’ve inspired me to plant some seeds afterall — Thank You. It’s lovely to be part of the Collective.

  9. I love your seed raising trays, these look serious and practical. Your banana is positively pointing up, this is such a fresh photograph. Your Before and After photographs depict the dedication you give to your garden. The glossy tomatoes are a welcome sight. You have a wonderful herb bed too, the plants are all so lush. I must take a leaf out of your book and mulch mulch mulch 😀

  10. I love how the seasons are different even within the same country. And what you can plant now is quite different to us in the south. The herb garden is looking really good, I need to add this to my to-do list at some point to get all my herbs out of pots and into the ground.

  11. All looking great, you have a really well organised system going. A great job on the herb garden, it’s so satisfying doing a job like that. I’m surprised to hear your other varieties of kale didn’t sell well, did you try cavelo nero, it’s really popular over here?

  12. What a lot of progress. Please send us some of your rain, we desperately need it! I’m amazed by the different plantings across Australia. Good luck with the eggplants – I hope they recover.

  13. Although I like cool weather, this winter has been exceptionally cold (and snowy!) so I’m really starting to look forward to spring. The best part is planting the garden! We have such limited space that usually I just buy plants because I don’t need that many. But last year I couldn’t find Swiss chard (silverbeet) plants, so I may plant that from seeds this year. And of course when one buys plants, one’s limited to what varieties the nursery has decided to grow. Anyway, fun post – thanks.

  14. Hi Lizzie,
    love all your little seedling trays. Our weather is not conducive to growing seedlings here either. As soon as I plant them, we experience torrential rain soon after washing them away. I have given up.
    My garden is in a state of disarray, hence the lack of post from me this month.
    You have a busy month ahead of you in the garden, hope you’re fitting in some rest for you and bubs too xx

  15. Hi Lizzie … your garden looks amazing. Love all that mulch! Can’t believe that you are still planting toms … how wonderful. Those pests that you have – perhaps Neem oil might be of some help. Worth a go? 🙂

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