Garden Share Collective : June 2015


Winter is here and the weeds have finally slowed down. Can I get a woohoo from you all. It seems that the weather this past month has been playing games with us again, with a few super cold spells and a few drizzly days thrown in. Luckily the bugs have died down the fruit-fly has gone and all I am left with is fighting a war on caterpillars. Those guys have been going crazy in my tomatoes, I thought I was going to get a bumper harvest before we left. I am not convinced we will get one at all.

It is sad to think this could be my last GSC post from my block of land, however at this rate finding a house in the Byron Shire has not been so lucky. The move may get pushed back even though Roy starts his new job on the 22nd of June. This month my priorities are to down size, pick and harvest as much as possible, preserve and of course start up the movable potted garden ready for moving day.

The Garden Share Collective (GSC) has been a project of mine for over a year and a half now. Being a collective I have invited Kate from Rosehips and Rhubarb an avid kitchen gardener based in Adelaide to join me as a co-host along with Kyrstie from A Fresh Legacy who is an advocate for growing your own food for your family based in Melbourne. Over the coming months we are going to be doing a few little projects to help inspire more people to grow their own food.

This month I have had the best broccoli harvest to date. I have picked over 30 heads of a reasonable size and I have even frozen up a whole bunch of them to use at a later date. I want to thank Daphne from Daphne’s Dandelions for her inspiration when it comes to preserving for winter. Unlike us aussies Daphne gets a real winter which includes snow and has no garden at all during winter so must preserve her harvest. If you haven’t stopped by her blog yet – do – she is here every month.


The garlic has finally poked its head through which I am happy about. I am going to fence it off when I leave and let the folks know who rent the place that I will be back in November to harvest it. So much garlic goodness I don’t want to miss out. Also we are still getting plenty of zucchini’s which is great as they are one of my favourite veggies. strayedtable-6609 strayedtable-6600strayedtable-6610

I have finally had carrot success in our raised beds. I filled our raised beds with a combination of mushroom compost and coconut fiber and have found that both carrots and beetroots seem to love it producing fast and majority of the carrots are not too stunted. Winning. How amazing our my carrots, so colourful.strayedtable-6612 strayedtable-6595

I often find it really hard to capture what my garden looks like once you are in it. The above photo is from the gate I walk through each day, which looks to the North East as my garden is north facing. We have two large ploughed areas the top is 6m wide and 40m long at the moment it has the kale, silverbeet, a few broccoli, turmeric, baby spinach, lettuces and a few beans. Also some rougue potatoes have come up through the mulch. The bottom bed is 10m wide and 25m long it is planted out with the broccoli and tomates in one half and the other half has peppers, beans, kale and zuchini’s.  The pumpkin patch which was further along has now been mowed in as I am sure that who ever takes over our place will not want a garden the size of ours.

What am I planting? Finally, I can say nothing. The only thing I am doing to renew my food source is to dig up volunteer plants and pot them up ready to move. I have loads of tomatoes that have self seeded and even a few okra that seem to think that summer is not over yet.

Harvesting – Time to gloat – Loads and loads of broccoli, kale, silverbeet, lettuces, beans, sugar snap peas, zucchini’s, the last of the button squash, beetroot, carrots, basil, parsley a few random tomatoes that have ripened early and the last of my sweet potatoes. We have been living like kings for a few weeks now with 90% of our veg coming from the garden. I still have to buy onions though 🙁

My TO DO LIST – This month I need to mulch any last remaining bits of the veggie garden that need it to use the last of the mulch, cut back the asparagus, tidy up the rhubarb, harvest more veggies, possibly say goodbye to my garden.

What is happening in your garden?





  1. That is so sad saying goodbye to your garden. I hope you find a good place. Your broccoli look so wonderful. I’m hoping mine turns out OK this year. I’ve lost one plant so far and one is a bit sad, but the others seem to be doing fine.

    • Broccoli can be hit and miss at times, it loves the cool weather but we tend to have the odd hot day in winter were it can be 28’c during the day which it doesn’t like.

  2. Such a wonderful lush garden and so productive! And fancy still having tomatoes and zucchini. We are a long way off harvesting any brassicas but are loving the greens. I have my fingers crossed that you have a garden in your next home 🙂

  3. Those tomatoes look good. I hope they ripen for you in time. The carrots look great!

  4. I think your garden is giving you a last hurrah in an attempt to entice you to stay. I hope you find a place soon, as commuting is not fun, and one of the main reasons you are doing this.

    • We are moving for Roy to work in Australia which means we will see him everyday which I am looking forward too. I am glad the garden is trying to entice me to stay, I know that all my efforts have paid off and the soil has improved from when we started.

  5. Wow, you have every right to gloat over your wonderful harvests Lizzie. Enjoy it. I love that you are going to return for your garlic. Thanks so much for the opportunity to host the Collective with you and also Kate. I am looking forward to our adventures. I hope that you find a great new place and look forward to your update next month. Happy moving (if you do this month). K

  6. Hi Lizzie We are in a bit of the same situation with our house on the market we are only planting a couple of everything. I have some spring onions, kale, zucchini, tomatoes, sweet potato, potato, egg plant, capsicums and lots of herbs. Good luck with the move.

    • Thanks Fiona, I hope we move this month, it is getting a bit tiresome of neglecting my garden. I just want to keep it going. Fingers crossed my new place has some space for a few veggies.

  7. I love seeing your huge garden, it’s amazing the amount of work you’ve put into it. Your tomatoes do look like they’re thinking about ripening. And thank you for your post on Real Nappies, I only wish I had found it before our little one was born.

  8. All looks fantastic Lizzie! My zucchini and eggplants are still going strong – crazy climate this year. Good luck with the move and changes ahead. Whatever space you find, you will make it your own 🙂

  9. HI there
    You have such a beautiful website. best wishes

  10. Your garden is amazing!!! I’m the worlds worst gardener, so I’m a bit in awe of this!

  11. What an amazing garden!!! It would be so hard to leave that behind! You wait until you move to Byron, the soil is so rich and the weather stays warm for so long, it’s the ultimate growing temperature.
    I’m so pleased to have found your website, thanks for popping over and saying hi. We will be practically neighbors shortly.