Garden Share Collective Makeover

Garden Share Collective AugustI created the Garden Share Collective over two years ago as a way to promote growing your own food. I have now teamed up with Kyrstie from A Fresh Legacy and Kate from Rosehips & Rhubarb to take the GSC (Garden Share Collective) to the next level.

The GSC is about sharing the trials and revelations of growing your own food organically in your backyard. It is a way for people to talk about their experiences and get advice about gardening, pest control and what to do with a glut of vegetables.

Home gardeners can join in the fun with us each month and join us on Facebook and Instagram with the tag #gardensharecollective. Share a photo from your vegetable garden about the theme each month. This month it is all about SIZE.

Size: how big is your garden, what size is your garden, how small are your seedlings, how tall is your corn.

Bloggers can join in and submit a post to the monthly link up which will be on the last Monday of the month. The next link up will be on the 31st August. Write a post about the monthly theme and what is happening in your vegetable garden.

Each season Kate, Kyrstie and myself will share the next prompts for the coming months. For more information head over the the Garden Share Collective page or email

Head over to FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM now to join inf



  1. Golly I can believe it is two years. I presume it is just the veggie patch size we are talking about?

    • Gillian, it can be anything “size” related. How big your harvest is, the size of the weeds growing. It is however you interpret it in your garden at the time.

  2. Ohhh!! I am SO joining your FB page… this looks great!! I can’t wait to get my own place so I can REALLY get into the garden, until then… I’ll make the best of my little spot on the world!