Garden Share Collective : May 2014


Hi everyone, this is Roy, long time no write. Actually the last time I wrote a post here was when we were in Thailand I think. Anyway.

With Lizi getting bigger and bigger she could do less and less in the garden. As this happened it became more apparent that this isn’t really a one person job, well at least not when that one person is me. Especially as I am only here half the time, and just before Liz was due I did one final 3 week trip away. A garden can get pretty out of control in 3 weeks I have to say.

At the moment I am in the middle of 8 weeks off. Heaps of time to get everything in order right? Actually not apparently. With 2 girls to look after my days seem to be disappearing pretty quickly with very little to show for it.

The jobs I have got done:

Mow. This is actually really important as it is the main way we control the grasshoppers. We will also use pyrethrum if we have to, but would rather not.

Plant Stuff. Also really important! We have had a good run planting seed and hopefully the whole garden will be in use by the time I go back to work. We also got a pea trellis and some snow peas in.

Pest Control. We had an outbreak of cabbage moth and caterpillars, which we got under control with Dipel.

Weed. Need to do all this again as the rain has been helping the weeds as much as the veges.

Move Rocks. There were some big rocks preventing me from mowing the bottom garden properly. Had to get the tractor in for this one.


The jobs I need to do:

More weeding. Especially the bottom bed that is about to be planted out.

More brush cutting. Especially around the edges of the garden to keep the kikuyu  grass from invading. This is a tough job as the only real way to do it is by putting the solid blade on and digging it in to make trenches. This feels like being sandblasted by soil even with extra clothes and a face mask on.

Connect the second tank to water supply. This will give extra pressure, maybe enough for a hose?

Plant more stuff. We need more beans, cucumber, tomatoes and onions.

Fruit Trees. I have a couple of pecans i need to plant out, as well as another fig. I also need to replace the nectarine I killed with the brush cutter.

Sell Stuff. We have had a couple of farm gates, but we should have loads more veges on the way.


Besides that I need the get the garden in tiptop shape for the girls before I leave. Then Lizi can ease her way back into the garden work while I am away. Well the weeding anyway.

Another thing I should say is we are getting much better at living off the garden, but this is probably because we learnt the hard way of the last couple of years to only grow stuff you will eat. I am looking forward to lots of tomatoes that we will have soon, as well as the new tomatillias and some new broccoli.

strayedtable-0949 strayedtable-0951 One of our cabbages munched to death by a wallaby we think. Not sure what else would eat them with that size mouth. Below is a sugarloaf cabbage true to form.

strayedtable-0953 strayedtable-0955 ABOVE: Start of our broccoli harvest BELOW: Green beans

strayedtable-0963 strayedtable-0964 PLANTING

We sowed a few trays of seeds before the baby was born and now just need to plant these out. Next month we need to plant some more winter veggies too. Seeds we planted: silverbeet, cabbage, broccoli, tomatoes, beetroot, asian greens, beans, snow peas, onions, leeks, walking onions and a few more broad beans in the gaps.


This past month we have had some great hauls of veggies from 10 kilos of cucumbers to stupid amounts of chili’s. We have also been harvesting; zucchini, asian greens, tatsoi, kale, silverbeet, cherry tomatoes and a mystery variety of tomato in the past week, snake beans, green beans, eggplants and plenty of peppers (wax and Italian)

strayedtable-0968 strayedtable-0840 strayedtable-0970 ABOVE: Snowpeas BELOW: Roy and Isla in the veggie patch

strayedtable-0971 strayedtable-0972 ABOVE: Rhubarb bed, has had some growth since planting out last month BELOW: Experimenting with growing beets and carrots.

strayedtable-0973 strayedtable-0974 ABOVE: Raised Bed with silverbeet and zucchini BELOW: Tabitha lending a helping hand with harvesting


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Lizzie Moult

Lizzie Moult

Planning, cooking, chasing kids & running an online business; it might seem like there is a lot going on. Yet Lizzie is all about living simply and creating a flexible lifestyle that enables plenty of travel, adventure and quality time. A lifestyle writer and photographer for over 10 years for numerous publications, working online for over 14 years Lizzie also works as an online business strategist & mindset mentor for entrepreneurs who are looking to create and live a life with passion & purpose at

9 Responses

  1. Well I have to say my favourite photo is the one of Roy and Isla in the veggie patch. Maybe each month we could see one of Isla in the veggie patch!!!! Hint hint! It looks like you’ve been very busy Roy tending to the garden as well as your girls. Great work!

  2. wow! your garden looks amazing for someone who has been away and with so much else on your plate! And your still able to grow tomatoes! Brilliant! Love to see a garden thriving and you guys living off what you can grow…so inspiring x

  3. Hi Roy, you are doing a fab job at hosting this month. Your gardens look amazing as always. That is a monster chilli plant you have there. What are you growing on the old iron fence? Great idea, it looks gorgeous. Love to Liz and bub. K

  4. Looks wonderful – many congrats on your new arrival, and congrats to you all on keeping such a lovely garden going when you must be even more busy than usual! At least don’t have wallabys to contend with here, the worst we get is the odd rabbit or (very occasional) badger!

  5. Great post! I love checking out whats going on in everyones vege patches… however yours (and afreshlegacy’s always makes me feel like such an amateur! I would love for someone to join in the garden collective from the canberra region, we have such a different climate and i’m still a bit lost about our timings! xo

  6. Lizzie … love your photos. Your garden looks fabulous! I love all the mulch too … so good for the garden. Great shot of Roy & Isla 🙂

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