Garden Share Collective : November 2014


It’s time for another Garden Share Collective, which is a group of bloggers from around Australia and the world sharing their vegetable patches. It is a way to monitor progress in our gardens and remind us what we need to do each month. Boy, my list is long for this next week while I have hubby home to help. With the weather warming up its time to protect some of my veggies. We have shadecoloths to erect and netting to put up. Fruit fly traps to set and mulching and plenty of weeding to do. October was very poor in the rainfall department a total of 9.5mm and we have a few storms predicted this coming week so I hope that we get some rain. Also if the rain does come I want my garden to be full of seedlings and seed ready to grow.
strayedtable-3785 strayedtable-3872
Remember two months ago we planted out our new veggie patch. It looks pretty sad here but the good news is I am harvesting spuds, snowpeas, sugarsnaps, zucchini’s already.  The watermelons, rockmelons, pumpkins and cucumbers are taking off. The picture below is the watermelon spreading out it’s runners. The corn has really seen better days, constantly nibbled on by wallabies and then me taking to it with the brushcutter. We do have a few strands surviving.
strayedtable-3873 strayedtable-3876
Rosella bush finally taking off. From the 12 plants I only have five that survived that past two months. I think I need to start them a little later next year.
Evidence the wallabies also like strawberry leaves – boooo
Our onions are all going to seed. I hope that they will still produce reasonable sized onions. If not I have plenty of seed to sow some more.
Freshly planted out rows. I hope to have a before and after session next month. These rows will be flourishing with tomatoes, cabbages, peppers and eggplants. I am still needing to fill gaps with sunflowers and zucchini’s.
Yucky black beetle that keeps eating my eggplants. Nothing works to get rid of them. I spray every two days and they keep coming back. If anyone has an unusual sprays for bugs I would love to hear it.
The new trellis for our luffa plants to climb. They have just started to be happy to be alive and it was time to give them something to hold on to. Thanks for all the advice on the Facebook page. It is the first time I have grown these guys.
HARVESTING:  Plenty of tomatoes (Cherry cocktails, black russians, grosse lisse, potato leaf tomato, palmwoods and black krim), our first cucumber, beans, sugar snap peas, snow peas, potatoes, zucchini, silverbeet, beetroot, onions, rhubarb and plenty of herbs.
PLANTING: We have a few rows left to sow out this coming week which will be filled with more tomatoes, zucchini’s, silverbeet, eggplants, capsicums and what ever else we pick up at the plant market. This past weekend we planted out more corn, watermelons, pumpkins, zucchini’s, sunflowers, silverbeet and tomatoes.
  • Love our herb garden near the house, replant, mulch and do a tidy up.
  • Mushroom compost and plant out our top garden near the house with leafy greens
  • Shade cloths built around plants that need some protection from the sun
  • Pull out the failed broad bean crop
  • Plant out all the remaining rows ready for summer (last planting of the year) – this week
  • Mulch any plants that need it
  • I am sure there is more, most of these jobs are big.
Check out all the other gardens from bloggers around Australia, New Zealand, United States and England.

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27 Responses

  1. I love watching all the gardens from down under. As I’m wrapping my garden up for the year and preparing for several months of frozen soil, you all are in full swing.

  2. Ditto what Daphne said! It will be a lot of fun to watch your gardens grow as we are tucking in for chilly winter. Our lambs go to slaughter today.

  3. So lucky getting tomatoes already. Ours are another 6 or more weeks away. I imagine you have tried garlic spray? I tend to use this on most things, but companion planting might be worth looking into to.

  4. Have you tried garlic and chilli spray Liz? Wonderful activity in your garden as usual. I am impressed that you already have collected garlic. Ours is still a little while away and taking up valuable tomato space! Although home grown garlic is as good as home grown tomatoes so I am not complaining!

    1. Kyrstie I put our garlic in very early this year, which I think was a mistake however the harvest is not too bad. I have tried garlic and chilli spray – no good which is bummer.

  5. Garden is looking good Lizzie. We are quite a bit behind you but it is hot now so everything should get a move on. I haven’t had any of those beetles before so I can’t help other than the usual advice, garlic or chilli spray or even crushing up some of the beetles in water and spraying with that.
    Hope you get some rain soon.

  6. Hey Lizzie … you have lots happening in your plot. Gosh luffa plants – I must do a Google. Thankfully we don’t have a wallaby problem, but something 4 legged is hopping into my strawberries and it isn’t a rabbit. Have you tried neem oil? Or a good old spray with dish water?

    1. I have never used dish water – that might be something to try. Luffa’s are something I discovered last year apart of the GSC, a few folks grew them so I got some seed sent and now growing them so I can have my own luffa’s.

  7. I am in awe of what you can achieve in your garden without rain. I feel quite out of my depth to be in a tropical summer with no rain yet! I mostly find soapy water with a bit of oil is a good pest spray.

    1. Would you believe soapy oil sprays also don’t work for those pesky beetles. I have two tanks for the garden now so I am slowly using them. Just dreaming of more rain so the veggies get a good burst.

  8. Your watermelons are looking so good! Ours are still little and struggling. We used to grow habanerno chillis to make a spray which worked wonders for removing pests. Unfortunately, it also killed off the beneficial insects so this year we have been trialling no sprays at all with reasonable success.

  9. You have such luscious tomatoes! I love how you use ample straw to keep the weeds at bay, much better than my token amount of straw. It all looks very green too, the October rains sure helped. I am glad to see your garden, as always is very prosperous and bountiful 😀

  10. I can’t believe how quickly everything grows in your garden, Lizzie and you’re already able to pick fresh produce. Gosh, I’d love to be planting out sweet corn this weekend! If only! It will be good to have an update on your luffas next month, I was looking at seed the other day and wondered about trying to grow a few plants here in the UK come spring. I like the idea of growing my own loofah for bathroom and kitchen! Have a good month, hope you get the rain you want.

    1. I too am intrigued about growing luffas. I have to admit so far they really prefer the warmer weather than cold. They have just taken off growing with the humid hot days. Will keep you posted.

  11. My guess is that you are battling flea beetles, which are notoriously difficult to control once they are established. You might be interested in reading this article – It’s about sustainable methods of dealing with flea beetles. One of the recommendations it makes is to plant trap crops, there’s a particular variety of mustard that they recommend and a couple of varieties of radishes.

    I’m still trying to finish my GSC post for November, I hope to get it done today. It’s so nice to see your garden filling in as mine empties out.

    1. Thanks Michelle for the article. Yep the photo doesn’t look like the beetle however it sounds like the beetle in it’s eating and killing of the plants. Hope the wind up of your garden reaps you with a great harvest. Look forward to reading you post.

  12. Boo indeed to the strawberry leaf eating wallabies. Why eat strawb leaves but not the fruit. Wierdos.
    Sorry can’t help on the eggplant eating bugs.
    Harvest looks great. I wish I had tomatoes right now.

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