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A few weeks back I got to meet Kyrsite, Kate and Jo in person and of course we spoke about gardening and what we were growing. Spring has come early this year and here in the sub-tropics with recent warm days, I am already leaving the windows open at night again. The girls are all from southern states and I had to mention to them that yes we can grow tomatoes all year round. Look at our max temperatures for winter, yes 26°c is normal. Mine are on their last legs but beans are planted at the bottom and new tomatoes seeds will be planted this week.

The Garden Share Collective is a way for backyard gardeners and bloggers to show off what is growing in their veggie patch. Each month we have a theme which we can post about and this month (August) is all about ‘size’. To find out more how you can join in head over to the Garden Share Collective Page.

This month Kate wrote about Jo from Country Life Experiment who has stunning photos and a country boy who keeps them in abundant harvests year round, head over to take a peek.


Artichoke, honestly why did I keep it? Well first off it is so big and secondly I hope to see what happens next. I am an impatient creature and only wish that it would hurry up and send out that big flower so I can tear it out of the ground. The plant is massive and is taking up so much valuable room. Room of which I could be growing more eggplants or tomatoes.

It has been just over 8 weeks now that we have lived in our new place. The veggie garden has been harvested of all the brassica’s (red cabbage and cauliflower), though I did plant out some kale for my consumption which have come along rather well.

I have to confess something. Usually I would have my garden planted out by now. This year I haven’t, I left my seed box at the farm! I am hoping to pick it up this week from the post office so I can get back into the garden again. I refuse to buy seeds, especially when you see how many I have. Lucky next month’s theme is all about ‘seeds’, so I will show you the size of the container I have.strayedtable-7867

I bought a fantastic jap pumpkin from a local farmer at the markets two weeks ago and I kept the seed and then shoved it in the ground and look. How cool is that I have a bunch of pumpkins bursting to grow. I am impressed at how big they got so quickly. I will be transplanting a few around our place. I am sure at some stage they will take over but I look forward to less mowing and more pumpkin foraging.

My Garden beds are small but they are enough for three. I have plenty of herbs, silverbeet and soon kale. Just waiting on those seeds so i can get some more tomatoes, eggplants, zucchini’s, beetroots, leafy greens going. Oh, i just remembered i did plant some beans along the trellis where the tomatoes are. Purple kings – I did manage some how to bring those seeds and the okra with me.


Lizzie Moult

Lizzie Moult

Planning, cooking, chasing kids & running an online business; it might seem like there is a lot going on. Yet Lizzie is all about living simply and creating a flexible lifestyle that enables plenty of travel, adventure and quality time. A lifestyle writer and photographer for over 10 years for numerous publications, working online for over 14 years Lizzie also works as Cognitive Behavioural Therapist to help people live a life with passion & purpose without people-pleasing, imposter syndrome and seeking approval at

11 Responses

  1. Oh to leave the windows open at night, that sounds glorious. I have just turned the heater on. Sounds like you have been planting quite a few things despite no seed box! It looks like it is coming together well.

  2. I lived in California for seven years and became a passionate fan of artichokes. 🙂 Your plant looks so big and healthy!!! I hope you get a big harvest before you have to pull it out. 🙂

  3. Oh how I wish I could grow tomatoes in winter. Maybe now with the new polytunnel. And I don’t know what I’d do without my seedbox!

    1. I have been pretty lost with out seed box however now I have too many chocies of what to plant. I better make my mind up soon as I don’t want to miss out on a key growing season.

  4. Hi Lizzie .. I have never grown artichoke although I thoroughly enjoy eating them. I think it is a space thing for me. I’ve been particularly lax and haven’t sown any seeds yet … soon!

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