The Garden Share Collective is a group of bloggers who share their vegetable patches each month, creating a community to help navigate through the hurdles of organic gardening. Sharing the troubles and rivaling in the success of a great harvest helps to promote growing your own clean food.

Each season the GSC (Garden Share Collective) will put up a theme for the coming months. You can join in the action by either contributing a blog post on the last Monday of the month about that theme OR join us on Facebook & Instagram with the hashtag #gardensharecollective.

Our goal is to promote organic gardening and get more families growing their own fresh produce. By joining in our community you can ask questions, share your vegetable harvest photos and discuss pest control.


Founder of the GSC is Lizzie from Strayed from the Table, she wanted to create a platform for people to learn and encourage others to grow their own food. Co-Hosts are Kate from Rosehips & Rhubarb who is an avid kitchen gardener & Kyrstie from A Fresh Legacy who promotes how easy it is to grow your own food for your family. One thing that all these ladies have in common is that they are providing food for their families and make some nourishing meals which you can find on all of their blogs. strayedtable-3041



Join us in our Facebook Group or follow the latest photos on INSTAGRAM with the hashtag #gardensharecollective. You too can add photos about the theme of the month; just don’t forget to tag the #gardensharecollective.


Contribute a post about the theme of the month and join in the Link-Up which starts at the last Monday of the month and runs for 10 days. All posts are to be about the theme and strictly about vegetable gardening.strayedtable-1784

ADD YOUR LINK to the GSC post on the last Monday of the month via the InLinkz Button at the bottom of the post. The link up will run for ten days. All you need to do is add your URL for your GSC post entry, choose a photo and you’re done.

Don’t forget to link back to this page and share your posts on Facebook & Twitter.

Never miss a deadline and join our Facebook Group for reminders and general garden talk. Encouragement is what this project is about, please visit each other’s websites and offer words of advice, encouragement or sympathy. No one likes to lose a plant to bandicoots, caterpillars or a chicken!


Each month one lucky gardener will be featured as the GSC gardener of the month. You will be interviewed and photos of your garden will be shared  for all to see.

Happy Gardening.





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