Golden BBQ

Wonton Soup

I am fortunate enough to be based in an office pretty smack in Brisbanes Chinatown. Also known as Fortitude Valley. This allows me much lunchtime happyness.

The soup shown above is definatly my staple lunch, especially on a monday (its amazing how much longer a hangover can last now, compared to 10 years ago). It is procured from an eatery on Wickham steet which is pretty hard to miss due to the large hunks of meat proudly displayed in the front window. It is very busy at lunch and i often scoot off a bit early to get an easy seat.

The soup itself if very subtle but tasty. Not overly salty with a nice hint of ginger. The additions of plenty of spring onions make it a winner. The wontons themselfs are excellent, the porky bits and prawns are mixed perfectly with the mushroom all inside a nice casing.

You can also puchase BQQ pork, which i often grab to take home. Roast Pork, Duck, Chicken, Fried Eggs and Vegetables with either noodle soup, rice or fried noodles. The dry dishes come with a small bowl of chinese soup. The BBQ Pork is definatly a highlight, very moist, unlike many other BBQ Pork outlets to be found in the surrounding area.

Generally added to this is one of my new cravings: soy milk. Trying to stay off the cows milk for a bit, but generally only kick one addition for another. Vita soy aint too bad. Nice to drink out of a bottle.

Mmm, maybe some banh mi for lunch tomorrow

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Growing veggies, keeping the solar going and listening to music; one might think Roy never leaves his home with his green thumb yet he is an adventurous foodie who loves trying the weird and wonderful cuisines of any culture. An electrical engineer by trade his nerdiness also crosses over into his love for folk music and playing warhammer.

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