Gonna Need a Camera

OK so ive just tried to buy me a camera over ebay. It will look something like this:

Its supposed to be shock proof and water proof. The reason behind this choice is specifically the way my last camera died.

My last camera was some cheap pentax piece of crap (well i never really got to use it, so i may be just $200 pissed off). It didnt mix so well with the bottle of Wild Turkey i had also left in my bag in the sun at a folk festival. I still have it, still very much full of bourbon and just more than a bit sticky.

So when this tank of a camera actually turns up i plan on adding some picturised storys about my favourate things. That is mainly food. Food mainly being noodle soup, banh mi and hotdogs.

Good luck Roy, you tend to be too damn lazy to do stuff like this.

But at least its not facebook i tell myself.


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