Ha Noi Markets, Ha Noi, Vietnam

There are many markets to visit in Na Noi. We went to so many and stumbled upon even more. The lifestyle of getting to the market each day to get breakfast, lunch and dinner is how people role. Above is a photo of a home opening as a restaurant in the morning serving coffee opposite our hostel.

Walking from one street to another, occasionally taking an ally way that looks interesting. Where do these people go and what are they doing?

The picture above showed me how relaxed food hygiene is here, there is a fish who escaped the bucket of water in which he was supposed to stay in. Someone comes along and puts him back in, no drama. Frozen fish fillets defrosting in buckets of icy water. Things are not complicated at the markets here, I love this.

So many scooters, zip, zipp, zipppppp

Roy had heard or read about a dish, that he wanted to try and we finally found it across the road from a convenience stall – which mostly sold sweets in boxes or packets.

The fried tofu was served along with rice noodles assorted greens and two dipping sauce. One which was super fishy and the other super chili. You dunk and eat, a little rice noodle with some green stuff with super chili sauce, then maybe tofu and a green thing in the fishy sauce.

I really love wandering through markets, we seem to eat more here than anywhere else, it doesn’t matter where we are in the world. Everyone has their niche. From selling chicken, fish, tofu with rice noodles, a sweet convenience store, plastic strainers, jars, sanders or one type of fruit.

I like wandering the streets of cities. How about you, if you could get lost in any city which would it be? What is the reason you want to get lost there. Galleries, crepes, taco’s, people, markets or handbags.



  1. I would love to visit Vietnam one day, Ha Noi is of special interest to me because the city just looks so beautiful. The hygiene standards in Indonesia (where I’m from) is ‘relaxed’ too and at first, it’s all very confronting but the ironic thing is that on my last trip to Indonesia, I was fine eating street food but got food poisoning after eating at a fancy restaurant in Bandung =/

    • Oh, it happens to all of us – I swear. I never get sick from eating off the streets, but as soon as I order from a real restaurant it never seems to work out the best. I think maybe it is because you can’t see what is going on behind closed doors.

  2. Vietnam looks like such a lovely place to visit. So much fun exploring and I imagine awesome food!

  3. Love your Ha Noi photos…it’s a great city to photograph. I remember all those scooters, never seen so many!

  4. Wow, so pretty. I really want to get to Vietnam someday – so pretty. And such great food. I envy you! 😉 Thanks for this.

  5. OMG!! I want to go to Hanoi someday!! Just love their fresh street foods!!

  6. The food looks so fresh and tasty. I’d also love to visit Vietnam one day. Lately I’ve been noticing quite a few vietnamese street food places opening up in Melbourne, one in the city has queues right out the door every lunch time!