Homegrown Chicken for Dinner


Howdy folks, Roy here for a change. Roy who? If you go back far enough on this blog you will find that I used to write here too. Oh and also Lizzi is my wife.

I have never killed a chicken. Well I cant say that anymore. I have to thank Julian who came over to help, and also studied up on techniques via youtube, as I had last minute internet issues that made my educational plans, that was watch some last minute youtube videos, impossible.

So we did the messy deed, but now came the real test.

Did we do it right? Did we bleed out the bird correctly? Did we keep them calm enough during the job? Was it going to taste just like a store brought one? Or was it going to be an abject flavour failure and go into the bin rather than our bellies?

To keep it a real test I only rubbed a bit of oil and salt into it with a stick of rosemary, and then threw it on the charcoal barbecue for about half an hour.

As a back up Lizzi made us some Foccacia.

And after all the self doubt and worry the chicken turned out fantastic. The meat was white and sweet. The skin was crunchy and delicious. And it tasted just like chicken.

That said the meat seemed to hold onto the bones a little better than a normal chicken. And secondly have a look at the size of that drumstick bone that my good friend Mike is chewing on, it was huge.

The only thing I would have done different is that I really needed to burn off all the hairs that were left on the bird after we dry plucked it. But that was more of a visual concern as you didn’t really notice them once you were chewing.

And once again I have to thank Julian again, but this time for the pavlova he made.





  1. Looks delicious! I love how strong the bones are from our homegrown birds. They aren’t the weak, brittle bones that splint like most store-bought factory farmed chickens. That pavlova looks amazing too!!

  2. I t looks like it turns out okay even though the task sounds quite daunting. I agree that pav looks amazing and I’ll bet it tasted great too. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

  3. Fantastic. 🙂 I love our homegrown chickens and look forward to butchering a couple this week. That pavlova looks amazing!!