Isla’s 1/2 Birthday


Our first year in life is a rapid learning, growing and adventurous time. Isla was born six months ago on the 16th April weighing in 3.3kg and I reckon she is now over 9 kilos. We go for our six month check up next monday so I will soon find out then but she is definitely solid.  From the small little human who didn’t move much in the first few weeks only to eat, sleep and occasionally cry she now is buzzing with activity. These days she sits happily playing with her toys, doing 360’s on her belly and the occasional downwards dog. Mind you her favourite pass time is the Jolly Jumper – man she loves that thing. From day one we knew she was strong, came out with her head up and was standing on my lap by two months. So jumping was soon to follow it is the best investment we have ever made.

The past six months seem like a blur. I can remember not that long ago only hoping that she would be more proficient at feeding instead of taking her sweet time. Now she guzzles her food and moves on to the next task of playing. Solid food has been introduced however it seems the art of swallowing the food is yet to be desired. More comes out than I would like. However big chunks of roast pumpkin make the best face mushing device and that always sneaks down.

I think the next six months are going to be huge too, crawling is yet to come then walking – eek. Oh and how could I forget the teeth. These bad boys have been coming and going since three and half months. They are playing hide and seek with us, you see them one day or feel them the next gone. Along with this is Isla’s crying and gnawing anything that she can get a hold of.  I bet as soon as they come this girl is going to love chewing things.

This little girl has brought so much joy into my life, honestly being a mum is awesome. I never thought I would say that but it makes you realise we were all that small once and had to learn all the basics. It fascinates me. One day I am sure she is going to ask endless questions and we will go on a learning adventure together. For now I enjoy the odd squeal, coo or grunt. I no longer am rushing to get achieve things its more about the present. Slow and steady seems to be the key these days.

I have been really blessed that Isla is pretty low-key. Crying only if she is hungry, sleeps with no real drama’s and well smiles pretty much most of the time. She is able to play by herself on her mat, hang out with me in the garden while I work and loves to socialize at the dinner table. We have had a few bad days and nights dotted through the past six months but I reckon I could count them on two hands and that is it.

5 Things I didn’t know six months ago but do now.

  • There is so much to learn in life even from day one
  • There is no need to rush – enjoy every moment
  • Pink is an acceptable colour to wear – even for me
  • Babies are cute
  • That babies grow ridiculously quick.

I love this kid to pieces. Here are a few photos I have taken over the past six months. You can see how much she has changed.

Isla 6months copy


ABOVE: One Month.  BELOW:  Two Months


ABOVE: Three Months (and still loving the water) BELOW:  Four Months – Gardening is hard work.


ABOVE: Five Months and sitting tall BELOW: Happy Half Birthday


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Lizzie Moult

Lizzie Moult

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