Kanding to Chengdu, China

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The final leg of of Chinese adventure was before us. The only thing I wanted was a paved road. Oh, and some breakfast!

I dont know if we have managed to express how much we love breakfast in this country, even with not being able to find any good coffee.

This time we were back to our favorite, steamed buns. These were even full of meat, bonus. It is often a bit of a gamble what you get in you bun, some times meat, sometimes vegetables and then sometimes nothing at all.

Kanding is a pretty interesting town, located in a very steep little valley with a 6000m mountain towering over it. Being the mountain fanciers that we are we though we would go see if could get a glimpse of the beauty through the clouds.

To do this we had to ride a chairlift up to a small hill above town, but when we got up the to we found only more cloud. Oh well at least we got some mountain love Yading.

Buck on the bus, this time to Chengdu, the capital of Sezchwan.

Once again through some amazing terrain, and some amazing roadworks.

I may have mentioned that in China some of the best food we ate was bus station food. Well this trip didn’t disappoint. While awaiting the road to clear we got a little corn. Yep, those Chinese farmers now what they are doing!

Then we came over a high pass into a valley completely full of mist, where we stopped for lunch.

Bus station food is not only great in China, but is also very hectic.

And you have plenty of choice. Everything is also very cheap and easy to order, point point.

Liz got some braise pork belly. Was it good Liz? Why are you looking at me as if I am a bit silly dear?

I got some noodle soup. Simple and nice and spicy.

Now we are back in Australia I will try finish off the second half of out travels before I forget everything. So much for using this as a diary.



Growing veggies, keeping the solar going and listening to music; one might think Roy never leaves his home with his green thumb yet he is an adventurous foodie who loves trying the weird and wonderful cuisines of any culture. An electrical engineer by trade his nerdiness also crosses over into his love for folk music and playing warhammer.

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