Landmark Yum Cha – Sunnybank

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What can I say about yum cha? It’s too greasy, way too salty and I always eat enough to make myself sick. Liz and her work people’s dragged us partner types along to Landmark in Sunnybank to help us spend their tip money on food.

There was a crowd at the front all jostling to get in, which is generally a good sign for what is to come. Though when we got inside the jostling stopped, is this bad. I like my yum cha loud, messy and offensive. Oh well.

What can I say about the food. It was too salty! Way way too salty. Which forced me to drink about three litres of tea during the meal.

There were a few highlights though.

Pork was OK I suppose. The peanuts were possibly better????

Chicken feet were awesome. It’s all about the sauce people.

This was the highlight for me, some sort of eggplant dish. If one thing can do too greasy and salty well, its eggplant.

Rice, I didn’t try this one.

Lots of deep-fried things.

Mango jelly? Pretty good


THE VERDICT:  I don’t think this place is as good as King of Kings in the valley. But then again I do have a thing for paper tablecloths. With the food quality was lacking, look at the insides of the spring roll, can you see any filling?  Well white gooey stuff kinda counts. Though I could always eat more chicken feet. I definitely enjoyed myself immensely and look forward to more yum cha in the future. Mmm, maybe Hong Kong would be a good place to try again?

Does anyone else know of any other good Yum Cha places in Brisbane?

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