Lemongrass Tofu Bowl

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Recently I have found myself addicted to using Pinterest. The other day I stumbled on the world of healthy bowls of food. I have been mixing and experimenting with different flavours and combinations and I wanted to share with you the recipe for my tofu bowl. The cool thing about this recipe is that if you don’t like tofu you can substitute it with chicken, pork or fish.

I have found that most of the bowls of goodness that I have been stalking all have a little bit of rice in the bottom and then loads of fresh or fermented veggies next to some protein. With my sauerkraut ready and loads of it, I have been eating it with everything. So why not have it with tofu.



For those who are already in love with Pinterest will know how it can easily suck away your time. There are so many beautiful pictures, scrummy recipes, awesome how to’s and loads of crafty goodness. Personally I have just started using it as a tool to find recipe inspiration. I am a visual girl and if something looks good I want to make it. I just wish my tofu bowls looked as good as some of the other super-food bowls I have seen.

One of the best things about living in Mullumbimby is the community garden. There is a small section where people can help themselves to free food. Isla and I went to visit the chickens and also raid the garden for lemon grass. Lemongrass can be invasive at times so we were just helping to keep it pruned.

Herbs are so expensive at the supermarkets and I don’t know how I would live with out mine. I think the only herb we do buy is coriander, I don’t have a very good success rate with it.

Do you use Pinterest or are you more of a herb gardener kinda person?

Lemongrass Tofu Bowl
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 2
  • 1 large piece of lemon grass
  • 1 large clove of garlic
  • ½ tsp salt
  • ½ tsp sugar
  • 250g hard tofu
  • rice, cooked
  • pickles: sauerkraut, bread & butter pickles, daikon, radish, ginger
  • veggies: capsicum, carrot, cabbage, zucchini, mushroom - finely sliced
  • seaweed sheets
  • sesame seeds
  1. Bruise and crush the lemon grass and then roughly chop it. Add it to a mortar and pestle along with the garlic. Mash to form a smooth paste with the salt and sugar.
  2. Cut the tofu into 1 inch squares (2.5cm) and 1 cm thick. Coat the tofu with the lemongrass mixture and cover with plastic. Allow to marinade for 20 minutes or overnight.
  3. Cook the tofu pieces in a hot pan until golden.
  4. Assemble the bowls by placing ½ a cup of rice in the bottom of the bowl, then lay out the cooked tofu, pickles and veggies. Add a few seaweed sheets to the side. Sprinkle with sesame seeds.


Lizzie Moult

Lizzie Moult

Planning, cooking, chasing kids & running an online business; it might seem like there is a lot going on. Yet Lizzie is all about living simply and creating a flexible lifestyle that enables plenty of travel, adventure and quality time. A lifestyle writer and photographer for over 10 years for numerous publications, working online for over 14 years Lizzie also works as Cognitive Behavioural Therapist to help people live a life with passion & purpose without people-pleasing, imposter syndrome and seeking approval at www.lizziemoult.com.

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