Make Your Own Sun Dried Tomatoes


With the weather on the weekend being ridiculously hot and dry it turned out to be perfect for making sun-dried tomatoes. Every now and again I have excess tomatoes which I usually use to make a relish or a passata. With way too many cherry tomatoes I cut them all in half and left them out in the sun for three days. The end product my very own sun-dried tomatoes.

Making your own sun-dried tomatoes could not be any easier however there are few things you need to consider especially if you live anywhere hot and humid. Here in south-east Queensland the weather has been a bit haphazard recently and with the scorching weather on the weekend I was in luck. We had 43′ on Sunday just a little ridiculous. Our incubator was overheating and as I was playing mother hen all weekend Isla and I couldn’t really escape the grunt of the heat.  But we did manage a couple of swims in the early morning and late evening.

Getting into the gritty stuff. I place my tomatoes on a baking tray with no salt. Many recipes ask for it however as we live in a humid place the salt attracts liquid. yes it pulls it also out of the tomato but if you forget one afternoon to bring your toms in before the dew starts, well you may have some sad looking toms. The idea behind sun drying your tomatoes is to get all the moisture out.

If you want you can use this method also for semi dried tomatoes. However they wont keep as well as full sun-dried tomatoes. I have kept sun-dried tomatoes for over a year on my shelf. The key with keeping anything in oil is to make sure all the tomatoes in this case are submerged. Nothing poking out. Any food touching the air in the jar will become moldy. This also goes for making semi-dried toms. Semi dried toms I recommend to put straight into the fridge as they still have some of their moisture and will go bad quicker than dried. The moisture in the jar ferments and will turn your hard work into a mess.

Scroll down to get the full recipe. Best of luck to making your own sun-dried tomatoes.

Are you harvesting tomatoes already?

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Make Your Own Sun Dried Tomatoes
Prep time
Total time
Recipe type: preserve
  • Ripe Tomatoes
  • Olive Oil
  1. Start off by washing your tomatoes and allow them to dry.
  2. Then cut them. If you have cherry tomatoes cut them in half or if you are using larger types cut into 1 cm slices. Using the larger types make sure you slice through the middle to ensure that the pieces stay together.
  3. Lay your tomatoes down on a baking tray which is lined with baking paper. I find this essential when doing slices of tomatoes so they don't stick. Lay the cherries toms face up too.
  4. Now find the most hot and sunniest spot in your paddock or backyard. I chose the north side of our shed so the light also reflects from our shed on to the tray so double the cooking time.
  5. Put the tray out for 3 -5 days to dry. Make sure to bring them in at night to stop them from collecting any moisture. It is also really important not to do it during humid days. Dry and hot is what you are after.
  6. Once they have dried place them in a jar and cover with oil. They will keep for over six months but once opened store in the fridge.
  7. However if you choose to let your tomatoes be semi-dried which means they are still a little squishy you will need to store them in the fridge straight away and they may last up to a month in the fridge.


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Lizzie Moult

Lizzie Moult

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  1. It certainly was the weather for it. They look great. Personally I don’t like sun dried tomatoes but put them on a pizza and I will eat them up. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

  2. Mmm yumm these look perfect for pizzas, on a cracker with cheese or made into a sun-dried tomato pesto. I will definitely do this especially now with the exceptionally hot weather we are having.

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