Paniyiri – Greek Festival 2012

The smell of charcoal meat wafted through the streets surrounding Musgrave Park, Brisbane. Paniyiri, the Greek festival was spoilt with a warm day, which brought a huge crowd. With the vendors selling their wares from fried haloumi, souvlaki, squid and moussaka. Food options were endless, working our way to each vendor, gathering a small feast to share.

ABOVE: Fried Haloumi

BELOW: Lamb Souvlaki

ABOVE: Octopus with lemon squeezed over the top

BELOW: Cabbage Rolls, with a rice and mince stuffing, wrapped up in silver beet leaves, braised in a light tomato sauce

ABOVE: Chicken Souvlaki

BELOW: Fried Calamari

ABOVE: Roasted Chicken

In 2010 we visited Panyiri for the first time, discovering the best dish which was grilled chicken, this year we tried to find it again. Above we found the closest thing to the chicken, it was apart of a meal, yet it still tasted just as good.

Behind the scenes, the men are working the rotisseries and barbecues. The women are making honey puffs and serving the hungry. I love watching the team out the back of the stalls, a family operation, running like clockwork, all helping one another to get the job done.  All smiling, with hearts on their sleeves, producing flavourful food.

BELOW: Men attending to the spit roasted meat.

ABOVE:  Mythos – Greek Beer of the Day

BELOW: Queuing to get to the lamb spit roast tent.

ABOVE: Honey Puffs

Filling ourselves with plenty of food, lunch was over . The Greek food mall would be packed up and gone until next year.


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