Party Buckets, Koh Pha-ngan, Thailand

Koh Samui

The “Full Moon Party” is a phrase that attracts over 20-30 thousand people each month to Koh Pha-ngan, attracting hoards of party revelers to dance on the beach.  Little did we know it was on during our stay.  Luckily we had booked accommodation to the north of the island.  On arrival to our bungalow, we were asked if we would like to book the bus to get to the party.  We had no idea what the Thai lady was asking us, full moon party, what?  As the days went on the hype built up, more and more backpackers were coming to the island in time for full moon. People every where, even on the north side of the island where we were trying to hide.

We hired a scooter the day before the party and went for a zip around the island and went down to the beach that is famous for the full moon party.  Our photos from our scooter ride are here, along with our food adventure.  After being on the beach at Haad Rin, I realised that I did not want to go anywhere near the place again.  It was already manic.  Opting for a night under the stars with Roy and a “Party Bucket” instead.

ABOVE:  Haad Salad, the dusk of the party.

BELOW:  Crumbed prawns and onion rings.  Yum.  A good accompaniment to drinking.

Party Bucket 1

Our party bucket cost $5.  It was a green bucket, which could be reused later to build sandcastles.  Nested inside was vodka, redbull and mystery softdrink.  I recall it being maybe soda.  You need to pour all the liquid into the bucket and get give it a generous stir with your straw.  These things are pretty deadly, Roy and I decided on sharing. We had all ready had a few beers and watched the sun go down.  We were doing the full moon party our style.

We ended up getting through two.  The second one we got was different from the first.  After slurping the mystery liquid through the straws our heads were definitely lighter, and attempting to play cards in dim candle light seemed like a great idea.  We made it past midnight, and then all I remember is waking up the next day.

With a sore head in hand, I went and grazed on an all you can eat breakfast.  Drowning my sorrows with rice and eggs, to then flop by the pool the rest of the day.

Party Bucket = Wild night (I think of Forbes Street, during the early days)

Party Bucket 2

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Lizzie Moult

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