Polonia, Milton (Polish Club)

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What do I like about Polish food?

The Beer!

Polonia is the Brisbane Polish Club. Located closer to my work than any other food (or beer) outlet. Thus when friday rolls around and lunch has us thinking of food (beer really) we often head on over for a drink, um bite. Walking into the place is like taking a step back in time to the 70s. I don’t really know why, because I have never visited the 70s, but if i had visited here in the 70s I thing that it would be exactly the same. You order your food and drink and generally have to wait awhile for the food. Often long enough to have another beer.

There are a number of beers on offer. My favourite shown above, and is what they call a light beer: 500ml 5.5% alchohol. Waka is the dark beer of choice which is 7%. In Poland light only refers to colour obviously.

Food is a mixture between Polish traditional and Australian Pub traditional. In this case I went for the cabbage rolls. Which was meatloaf type meat wrapt in cabbage, steamed and served with tomato sauce and rye bread.

Another classic is the Kransky. Which is a deep-fried sausage, served with chips and mustard.

Often the other less adventurous types stick to the fish and chips.

The food itself is not too exciting. But I still highly recommend this place for the atmosphere and beverages. The beer is generally some of the best I have ever tried. But maybe Friday lunch makes everything taste better. They also have a small bar area and sell take away’s. Nice. Is it Friday yet, damn 3 days to go.

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  1. Hey Liz
    We’re Twitter buddies, just read your blog on Kransky, really good. Its great to have one of those places you can head on over to after work. Wow., haven’t had a Kransky sausage for ages.
    Lets catch up on FaceBook – http://facebook.com/thehospitalityguru – it’d be great to keep in touch.

    Anna Johnston

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