Pop-a-matic Beer Trouble

The latest drinking game to hit or simple corner of the woods is as named above Pop-a-matic Beer Trouble. This is just one name amongst endless possibilities such as Pop-a-holic, Drinking Trouble ect.

It is based on the most intellectual of games: Milton Bradley’s Trouble. Now before you dismiss me as some juvenile that has only enough intelligence to button a shirt and write a blog, let me just say that this is possibly the best drinking game for four people ever invented.

The crowning feature of this game is the fact that the dice can never be lost and coordination is not required in the rolling of and passing of said dice (die?). This allows for fast easy play even when you feel like you are about to throw up.

The rules are simple, roll a six to get a piece out on the board. If you roll a six you get another roll. If you land on someone else’s piece you send them home base and they drink a shot of beer (or other designated alcohol). Your pieces have to go around the board once and in to the finishing area on an exact roll. When somebody wins you have to have a shot for each piece you did not get to the finishing area.

Our majestic drink of choice: Victoria Bitter.
Much better game than it sounds, if you can get through more than three games you are pretty tough in my book.

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